The Presentation of Christ to the Temple

The Presentation of Christ to the Temple

Feast Day: February 2nd

Doxastikon: He Who rides on the Cherubim and is hymned by the Seraphim is being brought today into God’s Temple according to the Law and enthroned on aged arms. By Joseph He receives gifts befitting God, as a pair of turtle doves the unblemished Church and the newly chosen people of the nations; as Author of the Old and New Covenants, two young pigeons. Symeon, having received the fulfilment of the oracle concerning Him, blessed Mary, the Virgin Mother of God, and foretold the symbols of the Passion of the One born from her. From him he asks for his release, crying out, ‘Now You release me, Master, as You promised me; for I have seen You, the Pre-Eternal Light, Saviour and Lord of the people that bears Christ’s Name.’


Luke 2: 22

They brought Him to Jerusalem to present Him to the Lord.

When Christ was 40 days old, Saint Joseph and Our Most Holy Mother of God took Him to the Temple to offer Him to God. Tradition was to bring a young lamb as an offering, however because they were poor they offered two turtle doves. Saint Symeon the God-Receiver received Christ into his arms, and Saint Anna the Prophetess was there too, and they all Glorified God.