The Holy Eucharist


The booklet below contains the Service of Preparation for Holy Communion and Prayers of Thanksgiving after Holy Communion.


Text: The Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom

(Celebrated throughout the year unless one of the other Divine Liturgies are celebrated.)


Text: The Divine Liturgy of Saint Basil the Great

(Celebrated January 1st, the five Sundays in Holy Lent, Holy Thursday and Holy Saturday. Also on Christmas Eve and the Eve of the Epiphany, unless Christmas or the Epiphany falls on a Sunday or Monday.)


Text: The Divine Liturgy of Saint Iakovos the Brother of the Lord

(Celebrated on his Feast Day, October 23rd.)


The Divine Liturgy of the Pre-Sanctified Gifts

(Celebrated on weekdays during Holy Lent, and also during Holy Week on Holy Monday, Holy Tuesday and Holy Wednesday.)

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Quotes: The Holy Eucharist

Akathist Hymn: Preparation for Holy Communion