The First Steps of Christ

Luke 2:40

And the Child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and the Grace of God was upon Him.

A Prayer to Bless children who begin to walk: O Lord, our God and Source of all Blessings; protecting babies and keeping their gentleness in the arms of Thy Christ Himself; Bless now these Thy children, Thy creations, sculptured by Thy hand! Bring them up, make them wise and perfect them in the Name of Thy Son, with Him you are blessed together with Thy Most Holy and Life-giving Spirit, in this hour and always and forever and ever.


“Her hands steadied the first steps of Him Who for us steadied the Earth to walk upon, and her lips helped the Word of God form His first human words.” – Saint John of Damascus


Christ taking His first steps with His All Holy Mother.

Our Most Holy Mother of God stayed by the side of her Child Christ His whole life. Our Panagia walked together with Christ during His first steps and His final steps before He was Crucified. Now they both always remain together in the Kingdom of Heaven and run to help us all who Pray to them.