The early years of young Saint Seraphim and Panagia’s Protection

One day the mother of young Saint Seraphim went with him to the construction site of a Church her husband had begun building. The seven year old fell from the scaffolding of the seven-story bell tower, and remained unharmed through God’s protection and Our Most Holy Mother of God.

“The greatest marvel of all is that our Father, the God of all wisdom and power, Who presides over the universe, is our Father. Even to me poor Seraphim.”


While still a young child, Saint Seraphim became very sick. Our Most Holy Mother of God appeared to him in a dream promising she would visit and heal him. Not long after, there was a Church procession with the Kursk Root Icon of the Sign passing by his home. Saint Seraphim’s mother carried her son outside, he venerated the Holy Icon, and became well.

“If the Lord allows sicknesses to test people, then He’ll also give the strength of patience. If people bear their illness with patience and gratitude to God they’re Crowned as Martyrs and strivers. Just as wax doesn’t become soft unless it’s heated enough to bear a stamp, so the Soul can’t accept the stamp of Virtue unless it’s been tried with labours and sicknesses.”