Fellowship Talks & Sermons


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Fellowship Talk: Take up your cross and follow Me


"By me carrying this cross means I am a member of Christ and His Church, I am a part of Him."
- Fr Demos


Fellowship Talk: Discerning the Will of God in our life


"The Kingdom of Heaven, Christ says to us, is within you."
- Fr Demos


Fellowship Talk: The importance of the Hierarchical Structure in the Church


"But he bears in his Soul, in his whole being, the Priesthood of Christ, with Whose Grace he shepherds… as one having authority."
- Fr Demos


Fellowship Talk: The Christian struggle throughout history


"It was pitch black. How did they see Christ coming? Christ obviously had light around Him, He was radiated. They saw Christ coming to them, but full of Light."
- Fr Demos


The Annunciation of the Dormition of Our Most Holy Mother of God


"Then the Theotokos rejoiced and exulted and kissed the knees of her Son, and blessed the Creator of Heaven and Earth Who gave her such a gift through Jesus Christ her son."
- Fr Demos



Fellowship Talk: Our beautiful Saint Paraskevi, whom we love


"She Prayed, and she knew that the power of Prayer was greater than any other type of sin and destruction."
- Fr Demos


Fellowship Talk: Making Prayer meaningful in our life


"Every Prayer that we make to God is heard. No Prayer is ever lost."
- Fr Demos


Fellowship Talk: July, Orthodox women’s month


"The Troparion for the female Martyrs: Your maiden Martyr, like a lamb, cries out, O Jesus for You my Pure Bridegroom I long and seeking You I compete and I am crucified and buried with You in Your Baptism. I suffer for Your sake that I may reign with You. I die for You that I may also live in You. Accept me as an unblemished sacrifice as I offer myself to You with love. At her entreaties and intercessions, save our Souls O Merciful Lord."
- Fr Demos


Fellowship Talk: The Orthodox Church and Apostolic Succession


"The way that was given to us by the Holy Apostles is the way that we have preserved the Church until now..."
- Fr Demos


Fellowship Talk: Pentecost and the Holy Spirit


"Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us."
- Fr Demos