Fellowship Talks & Sermons


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Fellowship Talk: The Dormition of Our Theotokos


- Fr Demos



Spiritual Talk: The Virgin Mary: a paradigm of human flourishing


"by Archbishop Makarios"
- Fr Demos



Fellowship Talk: The Transfiguration and Our Theotokos the Mother of Light


- Fr Demos



Fellowship Talk: The Life of Saint Paraskevi


- Fr Demos



The Life of Saint Makrina the Younger


- Fr Demos



Fellowship Talk: Praying during times of Spiritual loneliness


- Fr Demos



Fellowship Talk: Holy Apostles of Christ


"May the Prayers of the Holy Apostles strengthen our Faith."
- Fr Demos



Fellowship Talk: Saint Seraphim of Sarov’s Teachings on Acquiring the Holy Spirit


"Our goal is to acquire this Holy Spirit and to cultivate it."
- Fr Demos


Fellowship Talk: Christ the Living Water


"By Christ now meeting her at the well, says, I now am your Bridegroom. You will be filled by Me."
- Fr Demos



Fellowship Talk: To be in love with Christ


"That was one of the first tastes that I got of what it meant to be in love with God, with Christ."
- Fr Demos