Saints – from before August 2021

And bring forth the Fruits of this Church; which is Saints in Australia.
How did you endure so many torments?
The Saints sought to grow Spiritually every day in their life.
We have fighting with us and for us, Our Most Precious Mother the Theotokos and Saints.
Every time I felt tempted, I would look at this small book with the Icon of Saint Marina . . .
Holiness is our Spiritual DNA.
He could see the Presence of the Angels.
Holy Forerunner John the Baptist, grant me Repentance through the Holy Spirit.
So we can have the Patience and the Faith of the Saints.
People would also go to the Disciples and ask Healing from them through Jesus Christ.
Christ is Risen, my joy!
The Church is the house of Matthew, and me and you are those who are lost whom Christ calls.
It is through my Martyrdom that I came to know Who Christ truly is.
Saint John was the Forerunner from the womb of his mother Elizabeth.
I have come to help you save yourself and to save the unity of your family.
When we read these Books, it’s like we are looking into a Spiritual Mirror.
With Tears he would Pray for the Repentance of this Person.
The Church always bears fruit, and that fruit is Saints.
Saint Luke is a beautiful and wonderful Saint.
Even though she was possessed by those seven passions, she did not succumb to any of them.
Saint Paraskevi appears to him again, he runs to her and opens his arms.
There are Holy Men and Women who are with us, amongst us, and interceding for us.
He began to read the Lives of the Saints, and tried to imitate them.
Nothing that the world gave Saint Dimitrios was able to shake his Faith.
So he could go to Hades, and prepare people for the coming of Christ in Hades.
“Now I am giving my life for the love of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”
We are Blessed to be part of this Orthodox Faith that has people that loved God so much!
To ask Christ to come into our hearts, as He did with Saint Nicholas.
Their preaching is repentance.
The other beautiful thing about Peter is he knows how to repent.
He was the only one that didn’t leave Christ’s side.
The Holy-Myrrh Bearers and the Resurrection of Christ.

Their strength came from the Holy Spirit.
It was a very Prayerful union.
In the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Because this was done to defend the Christian Faith.

+ Below are some recordings of Fr Demos reading +

She desired only to remain a Pure and Spotless Bride of Christ.
He was most sweet, mild, greatly-smiling, relating Grace-filled stories, he was enjoyable, loveable.

Uttering: “Father, Son and Holy Spirit, all of Creation is noetically shined upon with this Light.”