Saint Xenia of Rome and her two maid servants

Feast Day: January 24th

The Life of Saint Xenia: On reaching the island of Kos, she changed her name to Xenia or Xeni (“the Stranger”)…



Apolytikion: Thou didst live the life of a stranger in the world, and wast estranged to every sin; thou didst abandon comforts and fleeting honours, and betroth thyself to thine Immortal Bridegroom. O glorious Xenia, entreat Christ our God to grant us His great mercy.

Kontakion: Celebrating the memory of the life thou didst live as a stranger, and honouring thee with love, we praise Christ Who gave thee power to grant healings to all. O Xenia, ever pray to Him for us all.


Hymn by Saint Nikolai Velimiroch: The virgin Xenia, as well as Agnes, or the all-glorious Thecla or Anastasia, did not want to be tied to a physical man, but found a Bridegroom in the Immortal Christ. With all her soul, she loved His beauty and mercy and tenderness and radiant purity. And even the senator’s house and wealth, she left, when the Sun of Righteousness shown in her soul. Soul! Soul ! Soul! is the true bride; and the body is miserable like the transient grass. And the bride [her soul] Xenia began to adorn, and by many prayers to wash and nourish it, that the bride [her soul], to be a heavenly apparition, pleasant and worthy of the Heavenly Bridegroom. The labors of Holy Xenia were pleasing to the Bridegroom, and many wondrous gifts, upon her, He bestowed. When her pure soul, the flesh, overcame, peaceful as a king over a vanquished city, with the wreath of immortality, the Lord crowned her, into the mansion of eternal joy, led her. There, where the angels hymn the Creator in song, there, the Lord receives His bride.