Saint Tounom the Emir

Feast Day: April 18th

& Bright Tuesday

The Life of Saint Tounom: Beholding this wonder… Tounom the Emir… immediately believed in Christ and shouted, “One is the True God, Jesus Christ; one is the true Faith, that of the Orthodox Christians!” And he jumped down to the Christians from a height of more than 35 feet. His feet landed on the solid marble as if though on soft wax. And to this day one can see his footprints imprinted as though in wax…



Apolytikion: Like the Thief who cried, “Remember me”, O Christ, at the eleventh hour, and proceeded to faith in Christ, Tounom the Emir steadfastly suffered with holiness at the hour of the receiving of the Holy Light by the Orthodox. Let us honour him with hymns.

Kontakion: Let us hymn him who beheld the Holy Light as fire descending strangely upon the Orthodox, in the pillar of the courtyard of the Church of the Resurrection, and was changed for the good, and became a preacher of Christ and a Martyr at the eleventh hour. Let us cry out with fervour: Rejoice, O blessed Tounom.

Doxastikon: Today, as a radiant lamp shining on the Heavenly firmament, is the memory of Tounom, who was enlightened by God, and he was the deposer of error, Mystically shining upon the hearts of the faithful. For he, having beheld the Holy Light Mystically, saw it sent from God to the pillar in the courtyard of the Church of the Resurrection, and lighting the lamps of the Orthodox, who were locked out by the wrath of the Heterodox. This dissolved the darkness of faithlessness, and this made him a Confessor, and a fervent preacher, and now he is an inheritor of the Heavenly Kingdom, as a Confessor and all-perfect Martyr, who ceaselessly intercedes to Christ that we be granted the good transformation before our end.

Doxastikon: He Who sent down from on high the Holy Light like a tongue of fire upon the Orthodox Patriarch alone, and consumed and rent the pillar of the courtyard of the All-Sacred Church of the Resurrection, filled you with wonder, and changed you towards the good, O Martyr Tounom, therefore you were born again as not only a confessor, but also a Martyr of piety. You became an inheritor of the good things prepared as reward for the world, and you beheld the Lord, the Giver-of-Light. Do not cease to intercede that He might dissolve the darkness of Soul-destroying ignorance and the trials of life.

Doxastikon: Let us praise the Martyr of Jerusalem, who came forth as a rose from among thorns, pouring forth fragrance through his Martyrical Confession for the world. Let us cry out: O Tounom who was glorified by God, who received the Crown of the eleventh hour from the hands of the Lord, Who grants the rewards to the last as to the first, and made you worthy to partake of the Tree of Life in the Heavenly pasture. Do not cease to intercede on behalf of those who honour your memory.

Megalynarion: Rejoice, O you who Confessed the Name of Christ, having seen the Divine Light, O Martyr Tounom, the lamp of the Orthodox, and lamp-lighter of the Martyrs, who received a Crown.


Below is an Icon of Saint Tounom and Saint Ahmed