Saint Stylianos, the Protector of Children

Feast Day: November 26th

The Life of Saint Stylianos: Saint Stylianos was known for his love of children, and he would heal them of their infirmities…


2022 – Life & Chants – Stylianos for from youth as if bodiless you were practicing Ascetical discipline.
2021 – And as a pillar of self-control and protector of children and babes.



Apolytikion: A living monument of self restraint, an immovable pillar of the Church you were shown to be, Blessed Stylianos, for you were dedicated to God from your youth, and were seen as a dwelling place of the Spirit. Holy Father, entreat Christ our God, to grant us His great Mercy.

Kontakion: You were Sanctified from your mother’s womb as the Divine Samuel, O God-bearer, and Ascetically were Glorified by Christ God. Therefore you were shown a treasury of healings, and a Divine protector of children and infants. For Christ radiantly Glorifies you, O Stylianos, who from childhood Glorified Him.

Oikos: You were dedicated from God the Benefactor from childhood, as the Great Baptist (Saint John), and were shown a zealot and an imitator and type of his pure life and virtuous ways. Therefore like him, O Father, you dwelt in the desert in fasting and vigil, having purified your nous, and brought to mind ceaseless Prayer to the Lord. Therefore you were filled with light that surpasses all thought, and with God-given graces, being shown a helper of all, and a most-speedy healer in afflictions. For Christ radiantly Glorifies you, O Stylianos, who from childhood Glorified Him.

Megalynarion: Sacred pillar placed by God, and a multitude of virtues which your life imparts to us, O Father Stylianos, in Godly manner order our minds, of those who praise you.

Saint Stylianos was a Monk and lived in a cave in the wilderness, in Prayer and fasting. His Prayers healed the sicknesses of people, and he especially loved and cared for children.


Below are some photos of the Holy Relics of Saint Stylianos.