Saint Spyridon the Wonderworker & Bishop of Tremithus

Feast Day: December 12th

The Life of Saint Spyridon: He took a brick in his hand and squeezed it. At that instant fire shot up from it, water dripped on the ground, and only dust remained in the hands of the Wonder-Worker…



Akathist Hymn

Apolytikion: At the first of the Synods, you emerged as the champion, and Wonder-worker, our God-bearing Father Spyridon. Wherefore, you addressed the dead one in the grave, and a serpent you changed to gold. And while chanting in service your Sacred Prayers, you had Angels concelebrating, O most Holy One. Glory to Christ who Glorified you, Glory to Him who crowned you, Glory to the One who works through you, healings for everyone.

Kontakion: Wounded by your love for Christ, O Holy one, your mind given wings by the radiance of the Spirit, you put the practice of theory into deeds, becoming a sacred altar, O Chosen by God, and Praying for the Divine illumination of all.

Hymn: Shining with Heavenly rays, and with the power of Christ, you bestow healings of Soul and body to those who ever celebrate your memory in faith, O Wonderworking Father, Blessed by God. Do not cease to Pray for us.

2022 – Chants – There were Angels celebrating along with you, O Sacred man, when you served the Holy Liturgy.




The Three Walking Saints and Wonderworkers Saint Spyridon together with Saint Gerasimos of Kefalonia and Saint Dionysios of Zakynthos.