Saint Raphael the Holy Martyr & Newly-Revealed on Mytilene

Feast Day: Bright Tuesday (April 9th)

The Life of Saint Raphael: For many years a Monk had been seen walking on the hill at Kayres in Lesvos…



Akathist Hymn


Apolytikion: Having contended on Lesvos for the sake of Christ God, you have Sanctified the island since the discovery of your Sacred Relics, O Blessed ones; for what reason we honour you, O God-bearing Raphael, together with Nicholas and Virgin Irene, as our Divine protectors and intercessors with the Lord.

Kontakion: Let all of us honour as our protectors and miracle-workers the Holy Martyrs who manifestly contended for Christ. Whose Relics were hidden under the Earth for many years, and who have manifested themselves to us in wondrous ways, Raphael, Nicholas and Irene, as well as those who contended with them in a godly-minded manner.

Megalynarion: Let us honour with hymns the Hosiomartyrs of Christ, divine Raphael and venerable Nicholas, together with Irene, the guardians of Lesvos, for helping all.


2022 – In faith we now run to them and we greatly rejoice in Soul
2021 – O Raphael Wondrous Martyr.
2021 – For indeed you were seen to be Blessing with the Sign of the Holy Cross.
2021 – Come all, let us go there with ardent Faith…

“When God Blesses all is delightful, beneficial and prosperous.”


“Spiritual formation is higher than anything.”


“Patience adorns the Soul with diamonds which are not of the Earth, but belong to the Jerusalem that is above.”


“Christian, all mornings are yours, but Sunday morning belongs to God. Do not forget this.”


“Patience is a Heavenly Gift, a Gift from the Heavenly Father… With patience and love for your fellow men, you become a victor in life’s continual trials.”


“The protection of God is the true assurance of man.”



Quotes by Saint Raphael

“Fasting should be accompanied by a Virtuous life.”

“O man, protect yourself from sin in order to gain Paradise.”

“Do not hurt your fellow man, neither in word or deed.”

“Donors to Churches have the Blessing of God. A donor to the House of God becomes a recipient of God’s Gifts.”

“Repentance resurrects man.”

“Work is a great precaution against temptations.”

“Greed is a terrible sin.”

“Temperance of the tongue always brings peace.”

“Goodness of the Soul is worth more than the beauty of the body.”

“Beware of the condemnation of your fellow man.”

“Humility is a blessing that protects the Soul from sin.”

“Obedience to the words of the Gospel will give the Soul eternity.”

“If man does not suffer in life on Earth then it is not easy to enter the gates of Paradise.”

“When man Prays, the evil one plummets.”

“The study of the Divine word, matures the thought of man.”

“Despair is the work of the evil one.”

“The medicine of the Soul, are the Divine words of the Gospel.”