Saint Porphyrios of Kavsokalyvia

Feast Day: December 2nd

The Life of Saint Porphyrios: On his way back to the hut, after receiving Holy Communion in the Divine Liturgy that morning, his feelings were so intense that he stopped, stretched out his hands and shouted loudly “Glory to You, O God! Glory to You, O God! Glory to You, O God!”…


2022 – Sermon & Chants – Rejoice fragrant flower of the Mystical garden.
2020 – Sermon – I have come to help you save yourself and to save the unity of your family.


Akathist Hymn

Apolytikion: The son of Evia, the Elder of All Greeks, the initiate of Divine Vision and true friend of Christ. Porphyrios, o faithful, let us praise who from childhood was filled with Divine gifts, the demonized are redeemed and the sick are healed who cry out: “Glory to Him who gave His might to you! Glory to Him who made you Holy! Glory to Him, who, through you, effects cures for all.”

Kontakion: The most-Holy temple of the Comforter, and the beloved of the All-Pure Theotokos. Let us praise Porphyrios from our heart, for he loves and heals all, and protects, and intercedes, that we be granted Theosis. Therefore, we cry out: Rejoice, O Father Porphyrios.

2021 – Genuine friend of Christ.


“When Christ enters our Soul, everything within us will be altered.”




Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.
Christ is our Friend, our Brother… He is Everything.
Although the adversary is approaching, you open your arms, lifting them toward Christ.
I saw Heaven!
I give myself over entirely to Your Love.
Saint Porphyrios Praying during a Divine Liturgy in 1977.
Above everything else is the Love of God.
Saint Porphyrios Praying with a Family.
Christ is Risen! – Paschal Sermon of Saint John Chrysostom.
Saint Porphyrios Chanting.