Saint Photine the Samaritan Woman, the Great Martyr & Equal to the Apostles

Feast Day: February 26th & Sunday of the Samaritan Woman

The Life of Saint Photine: She was Baptized along with her two sons and five sisters after Pentecost. They went with the Apostles preaching Christ, bringing many idolaters to the Truth, for their teaching was filled with the power of Holy Spirit which they had received…



Apolytikion: All illumined by the Holy Spirit, thou didst drink with great and ardent longing of the waters Christ Saviour gave unto thee; and with the streams of Salvation wast thou refreshed, which thou abundantly gavest to those athirst. O Great Martyr and true peer of Apostles, Photine, entreat Christ God to grant great mercy unto us.

Kontakion: Photine the glorious, the crown and glory of the Martyrs, hath this day ascended to the shining mansions of Heaven, and she calleth all together to sing her praises, that they might be recompensed with her hallowed graces. Let us all with faith and longing extol her gladly in hymns of triumph and joy.

The Gospel Reading of Saint Photine and Christ (John 4: 1-43)

Jesus answered and said to her, “Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.” (John 4: 13-14)

Saint Photine spoke with Christ at Jacob’s Well and this encounter changed her life. Saint Photine was Baptised and preached Christ to all.


Kathisma from the Sunday of the Samaritan Woman: Let Heaven rejoice, and let those upon the earth dance, for Christ, Who was born of the Virgin, has appeared as a man to deliver all mankind from corruption through His own death, and He has shown forth with wonders, as the Samaritan Woman seeks water to be granted to her from the Spring of healings, as the Only Immortal One.

Doxastikon: Finding the woman of Samaria by the well of Jacob, Jesus, Who covers the Earth with clouds, asked water of her. O the wonder! He Who rides on the Cherubim converses with a woman who is a harlot. He Who hung the Earth upon the waters, asks for water. He Who pours out springs and pools of water, seeks water, as He wishes truly to draw her who is hunted by the warlike foe, and to quench with the water of life the thirst of her who is aflame with foul desires, as He alone is compassionate and loves mankind.

Doxastikon: When through your inexpressible dispensation, Christ God, you appeared on Earth, the woman of Samaria, having heard Your word, full of love for mankind, left her bucket at the well and ran saying to those in the city: Come, see the One Who knows the heart: is not this the expected Christ, Who has great mercy?

Canon for the Sunday of the Samaritan Woman: Being Life itself, and the Spring of Incorruption, You sat beside the spring, O Compassionate One, and for the Samaritan Woman who asked of You, You filled her with the waters of all wisdom, as she hymned You.

The life of all that live, the spring of all good things, the Lord richly rains down His teachings [for all], and cries to the woman: Give me water to drink, that I might grant you water to dry up the springs of your sins.

O Lord, you are the river of Eternal Life, and the abyss of mercy, O Good One, and while You were traveling, You sat by the Well of the Oath, and cried out to the Samaritan Woman: Give me water to drink, that you might receive the waters of forgiveness.



Below is a photo of the jug Saint Photine used when she spoke with Christ at Jacob’s Well.

The woman then left her waterpot, went her way into the city, and said to the men, “Come, see a Man who told me all things that I ever did. Could this be the Christ?” Then they went out of the city and came to Him. (John 4: 28-30)

Apolytikion of Saint Photine and her Family: Let us praise Photine and Photis and Photo, with Anatoli, Photinos and Joses with divine songs, with Kyriaki, Paraskevi, the radiant Martyrs of Christ, they seek Divine Grace and illumination for the faithful who cry out, Glory to Him Who strengthened you, Glory to Him Who Crowned you, Glory to Him Who grants to us through you healings for all.


Through Saint Photine’s encounter with Christ, her family became Christians, were Baptised after Pentecost, and together with the Apostles preached Christ. Saint Photine, together with her family, were Martyred, as well as two other men, and are all commemorated on February 26th with Saint Photine.


The Martyrdom of Saint Photine’s two sons, Saint Photinos and Saint Joses.


Saint Photinie’s five sisters were also Martyred. Their names are Saint Paraskeva, Saint Kyriake, Saint Phota, Saint Anatolia and Saint Photida.


Also commemorated on February 26th with Saint Photine and her family are the Martyrs Saint Theokletos the former magician, and Saint Sebastian the Military Commander whose Icon is below.