Saint Photine the Samaritan Woman, the Great Martyr & Equal to the Apostles

Feast Day: February 26th & Sunday of the Samaritan Woman

The Life of Saint Photine: She was Baptized along with her two sons and five sisters after Pentecost. They went with the Apostles preaching Christ, bringing many idolaters to the Truth, for their teaching was filled with the power of Holy Spirit which they had received…


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Apolytikion: All illumined by the Holy Spirit, thou didst drink with great and ardent longing of the waters Christ Saviour gave unto thee; and with the streams of Salvation wast thou refreshed, which thou abundantly gavest to those athirst. O Great Martyr and true peer of Apostles, Photine, entreat Christ God to grant great mercy unto us.

Kontakion: Photine the glorious, the crown and glory of the Martyrs, hath this day ascended to the shining mansions of Heaven, and she calleth all together to sing her praises, that they might be recompensed with her hallowed graces. Let us all with faith and longing extol her gladly in hymns of triumph and joy.

The Gospel Reading of Saint Photine and Christ (John 4: 1-43)