Saint Philothei, Righteous Martyr of Athens

Feast Day: February 19th

The Life of Saint Philothei: As soon as the first Monastic buildings were ready, she took the Veil under the name of Philothei…




Apolytikion: The famed city of Athens doth honour Philothei, the Righteous Martyr, whose Relics it now revereth with joy; for while living in sobriety and Holiness, she hath exchanged all Earthly things for the Everlasting Life through great contests as a Martyr; and she entreateth the Saviour to grant His Mercy unto all of us.

Kontakion: We all honour Philothei with jubilation of spirit, as this day we reverently worship her Venerable Relics. For she lived her whole life working kindness and mercy; and the righteous one, receiving a Martyr’s ending, is deemed worthy to entreat God that all be granted Eternal Life with the Saints.