Saint Paul, Chief of the Apostles

The Life of Saint Paul: He was an Ascetic Apostle, who lived Mission in its authentic form…


Synaxis of Saint Paul and Saint Peter

Feast Day: June 29th

Akathist Hymn to Holy Apostles Peter and Paul

Akathist Hymn Honouring the Epistles of Saint Paul

Apolytikion: First in prominence among the Apostles, and teachers to the Universe, intercede to the Master of All for peace in the world and for our Soul’s great mercy.

Kontakion: O Lord, receive unto the enjoyment of Your good things and Your rest, the steadfast preachers of Godly words, the pinnacle of Your Disciples. Receive their pain and death above every sacrifice, for You alone know the hearts of men.

Hymn: Peter, the leader of the glorious Apostles, the rock of faith, and Paul most sublime, the rhetor and light of the Holy Churches, you both stand before the divine Throne, entreating Christ on behalf of us.


Synaxis of the 12 Holy Apostles

Feast Day: June 30th

Apolytikion: O Holy Apostles, intercede to our Merciful God, that He may grant our Souls forgiveness of sins.

Kontakion: O Lord, receive the steadfast and Divinely voiced preachers, the pinnacle of Your Disciples, unto their rest and the enjoyment of Your Blessings. You received, above every offering, their labours and their life. You alone know what the heart holds.



Although not one of the official 12 Apostles, Saint Paul is depicted in many of the Icons of the 12 Apostles due to his prominent role in the spreading of the Teachings and Life of Christ.

Saint Paul was a great former persecutor of Christians until he was called by Christ Himself, Baptised by the Apostle Ananias, and preached Christ for the rest of his life. Converting and Baptising individuals and whole families, healing many who were sick, and suffering great persecutions for his love of Christ, Saint Paul reached the ends of the Earth, and continues to today with his Prayers and his timeless Epistles.


Saint Paul’s Life in Iconography

Saint Paul, with the other Apostles, was caught up by the Holy Spirit in a cloud and taken to the Most Holy Mother of God when it was time for her Blessed Dormition. He witnessed her empty Tomb and the many beautiful moments surrounding this occasion.


“During this conversation of the Mother of God with the Holy Apostles, the chosen vessel arrived – the Holy Apostle Paul. Falling at the feet of the Most Holy Mother of God, he opened his mouth, praising and blessing her: ‘Rejoice,’ said the Holy Apostle, ‘Mother of my life and my preaching! If before the Ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ I was not able to enjoy the sight of His face here on Earth, yet gazing now on thee, I think that I see Him.'”

Through the Holy Spirit, Saint Paul guided Saint John Chrysostom to understand the great depths of Holy Scripture.




Below is an Icon of Saint Paul together with Saint Peter, Saint John the Theologian and Saint Andrew.


Below is an Icon of Saint Paul together with Saint Cosmas of Aitolia.


Below is an Icon of Saint Paul together with Saint Peter and Saint Paisios the Athonite.