Saint Paraskevi the Great Martyr

Feast Day: July 26th

The Life of Saint Paraskevi: Emulating the Holy Apostles, she began to preach to the pagans about Christ, converting many to Christianity…



Akathist Hymn

Apolytikion: Your diligence corresponded to your name, Paraskevi, which denotes preparedness. Through Faith you inherited the promised dwelling that was prepared for you, O prize-winning Martyr. Therefore you pour out cures and healings, and you intercede on behalf of our Souls.

Kontakion: We have found your Sacred shrine to be a clinic of the Soul, O Holy one, and all we faithful now accord honour to you with our voices strong, devout Martyr Paraskevi extolled by all.

Oikos: The voice of the Bridegroom called you as a bride, and gave you an incorruptible crown, O Godly-minded and all glorious Paraskevi; and He enrolled you, as one worthy, together with the august Martyrs and prizewinners. As you rejoice with them, remember us who observe your Holy Feast and who assemble in your Church. For as we stand in it now, we soulfully offer up hymns to you, devout Martyr Paraskevi extolled by all.

Prosomia: Dancing in chorus in Heaven and in the courts of the Lord with those renowned wise Virgins, O devout Holy Martyr, most wise Paraskevi, you were given the Grace from the Lord to cure illnesses, and to expel the unclean spirits and to heal those who come to you for this with faith.

You dashed the might of the godless impious kings to the ground, and unto God, O Virgin, you directed your footsteps. Therefore you were not frightened by the lead hammers pounding you, nor the fire, nor by the scraping of your body, nor by the heat of the cauldron, nor the death by sword.

Firstly you wore out your body with your ascetic feats, fair Virgin, then you hardened your resolve in the contest. Thus, O Holy Glorious Martyr of Christ, you became like a Holy sword wrought in the Heavens, like gold smelted and refined by the tortures you endured for God.


At our Church of Saint Paraskevi in Saint Albans, we are Blessed to have a portion of the Holy Relics of our most beloved Saint Paraskevi.