Saint Nektarios the Wonderworker of Aegina, Metropolitan of Pentapolis

Feast Day: November 9th

The Life of Saint Nektarios: On the Island of Aegina he found an abandoned Monastery dedicated to the Holy Trinity, which he began to repair with his own hands…



Akathist Hymn


Apolytikion: O faithful, let us honor Nektarios, Divine servant of Christ, offspring of Silivria and guardian of Aegina, who in these latter years was manifested as the true friend of virtue. All manner of healing wells forth for those who in piety cry out, “Glory to Christ who Glorified you; Glory to Him who, through you, wrought wonders; Glory to Him who, through you, works healing for all”.

Kontakion: In joy, let our hearts praise the latest shining star of the Orthodox, the newly erected rampart of the Church. For, Glorified by the work of the Spirit, he abundantly pours forth the Grace of healing to those who cry out, “Hail, Father Nektarios”.

Hymn: What crowns of praise shall we place upon the Hierarch, he who lately shown forth and illumined the Church with the lamp of piety? The new adornment of the Orthodox, and equal in zeal to the former Arch-Priests. For by his way of life full of wisdom, he was Glorified by Christ, Who grants to all, through him, the great Mercy.


There is an Icon in his home town Church in Silivria, which Saint Nektarios had a great Spiritual connection to as he was growing up. Years later when he settled in his Monastery in Aegina, Saint Nektarios asked a Monk to Paint a version of this Icon which he kept in his bedroom and spent many hours each day and night Praying in front of. Furthermore, it was here that he wrote many Prayers, Hymns and Spiritual Books. One Prayer he wrote to Our Most Blessed Lady the Mother of God, titled ‘O Virgin Pure’, after she appeared to him in a dream asking him to record it. It is often chanted during private Prayer and at Church, particularly on the Feast Days of Saint Nektarios and the Mother of God.


Saint Nektarios is greatly loved among the faithful because of his nearness to us all and his immediate help through his Miracles.


The Miracle of Saint Nektarios’ sweater: When they removed the old sweater of the Saint, they placed it for convenience on the bed of the paralytic and continued preparing the body. Strangely, the paralytic patient at once became well and rose from his bed, praising the Lord. This was the first miracle after the repose of the Saint…


When Saint Nektarios visited a Village in Romania, to minister to the faithful through the Sacraments: Indeed all the documents were written in Romanian while his name was written in Greek with the name of his signature, Nektarios, Bishop of Pentapolis…


One time, Saint Nektarios appeared to a most-pious Cleric and complained: “It’s as if we Saints are in retirement… The people don’t Pray to us, don’t entreat us, don’t ask us for anything, don’t give us any handiwork to do. They don’t give us the opportunity to Pray to God for them…”

The Holy Relics of Saint Nektarios.


In Melbourne, Australia, we are Blessed to have a portion of the Holy Relics of Saint Nektarios at the Church of Saint Nektarios, in Fawkner. We also have a part of his Holy Relics at our Church of Saint Paraskevi in St Albans.

Icons and Photos

Quotes by Saint Nektarios

Happiness is a pure heart, for such a heart becomes the Throne of God.

When the man of pure heart looks at the world of nature, that is, at the sky, the Earth, and the sea and at all things in them, and observes the systems constituting them, the infinite multitude of stars of Heaven, the innumerable multitudes of birds and quadrupeds and every kind of animal of the Earth, the variety of plants on it, the abundance of fish in the sea, he is immediately amazed and exclaims with the Prophet David: ‘How great are Thy works, O Lord! In wisdom Thou made them all.’”

Those who hope in the Lord don’t set their hope on money or the amount of power they have, but are content with the help that God will give them. They’re full of faith and love, they live in the courage of their clear conscience, they stand before the Heavenly Father as His children and call for His Kingdom to come on Earth and His Will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

A Christian must be courteous to all. His words and deeds should breathe with the Grace of the Holy Spirit, which abides in his Soul, so that in this way he might Glorify the Name of God.”

Two factors are involved in man’s Salvation: the Grace of God and the will of man. Both must work together, if Salvation is to be attained.”

Prayer unites one with God, being a Divine conversation and Spiritual Communion with the Being that is most beautiful and highest. Prayer is forgetting Earthly things, an ascent to Heaven. Through Prayer we flee to God.

The path leading to perfection is long. Pray to God so that He will strengthen you. Patiently accept your falls and, having stood up, immediately run to God, not remaining in that place where you have fallen. Do not despair if you keep falling into your old sins. Many of them are strong because they have received the force of habit. Only with the passage of time and with fervour will they be conquered. Don’t let anything deprive you of hope.

Don’t let anything deprive you of hope.

Remember that after temptations follows Spiritual joy and the Lord watches over those who endure temptations and sufferings for the sake of His Love. So, don’t lose heart and don’t be afraid.

A Soul that’s been wounded by Divine Love is always glad, it rejoices, it leaps and dances, because it’s as buoyant in the Love of the Lord as if it were riding on calm waters.

Brothers and Sisters! The All-Merciful God desires happiness for us both in this life and in the life to come. To this end He established His Holy Church, so that she might cleanse us from sin, Sanctify us, reconcile us with Him and give us a Heavenly Blessing. The embrace of the Church is always open to us. Let us all hasten there more quickly, we whose consciences are burdened. Let us hasten, and the Church will lift the weight of our burdens, give us boldness before God, and fill our hearts with happiness and blessedness.

Christians, have we understood the great responsibility that we have taken on before God through Baptism? Have we come to know that we must conduct ourselves as children of God, that we must align our will with the Will of God, that we must refrain free from sin, that we must love God with all our hearts and always patiently await union with Him?

A Christian must be courteous to all. His words and deeds should breathe with the Grace of the Holy Spirit, which abides in his Soul, so that in this way he might Glorify the Name of God.”

He who keeps watch over the words he is about to say, also keeps watch over the deeds he is about to do.