Saint Moses the Ethiopian, the Strong of Sketis

Feast Day: August 28th

The Life of Saint Moses: This robber chief later was overcome by remorse through something which happened to him, joined a Monastery and did penance according to the measure of his crimes…


2022 – Life & Chants – Blessed God-bearing Father you were motivated by the Fear of God to mortify your body and erase from your heart every passionate thought.


Akathist Hymn

Apolytikion: You abandoned the Egypt of the passions, O Father, ascending the mount of the virtues with fervent faith, taking the Cross of Christ upon your shoulders; and being glorified in Godly works, you proved to be a model for Monastics, O summit of the Fathers. Pray unceasingly with them that our Souls may find mercy.

Kontakion: Your mind was filled with a Holy inspiration from God, Turning you from the lust and pleasures of the flesh, bringing you to the height of the City of God! O Holy Father Moses, intercede with Christ God that He may grant us great mercy!



Quotes by Saint Moses & Stories about his Life

It was said of Abba Moses at Scetis that when he had arranged to go to Petra, he grew tired in the course of the journey and said to himself, ‘How can I find the water I need there?’ Then a voice said to him, ‘Go, and do not be anxious about anything.’ So he went. Some Fathers came to see him and he had only a small bottle of water. He used it all up in cooking lentils for them. The old man was worried, so he went in and came out of his cell, and he Prayed to God, and a cloud of rain came to Petra and filled all the cisterns. After this, the visitors said to the old man, ‘Tell us why you went in and out.’ The old man said to them, ‘I was arguing with God, saying, “You brought me here and now I have no water for your servants.” This is why I was going in and out; I was going on at God till He sent us some water.’

Another day when a council was being held in Scetis, the Fathers treated Moses with contempt in order to test him, saying, ‘Why does this Ethiopian man come among us?’ When he heard this he kept silence. When the council was dismissed, they said to him, ‘Abba, did that not grieve you at all?’ He said to them, ‘I was grieved, but I kept silence.’

The Monk must die to his neighbour and never judge him at all, in any way whatever.

The Monk must die to everything before leaving the body, in order not to harm anyone.