Saint Mary of Bethany, Sister of Saint Lazarus & Holy Myrrh-Bearer

Feast Day: June 4th

& Sunday of the Holy Myrrh-Bearers (2nd Sunday after Pascha)

The Life of Saint Mary of Bethany: Mary sat at Jesus’ feet and listened to Him…



Apolytikion: Since you believed in Christ with strong and ardent faith, and ever Worshipped His Divine and mighty deeds, you both adorned yourselves with all the splendour of Sacred virtues. With your Holy brother now, you are also vouchsafed to dwell with the ranks of Saints on high, O sisters of Lazarus; and with him, O wise Mary and Martha, Pray for us all unto the Master.

Kontakion: In the town of Bethany, you dwelt of old; now in Heaven you abide in Paradise, where our Lord’s countenance shines. For you gave your hearts and souls up with fervent longing unto Him that is the Life and the Resurrection; as you stand on high, O Mary and Martha, pray Him to grant Salvation to us.


Rejoice, O Bethany

Rejoice, rejoice, O Bethany!
On this day God came to thee,
And in Him the dead are made alive,
As it is right for He is the Life.

When Martha went to receive Him,
Grieving loudly with bitter tears,
She poured out the sorrow of her heart to Him
With great sadness, wailing her lament.

She at once cried out unto Him:
“My Most Compassionate Lord, my Lord,
At the great loss of my brother Lazarus
My heart is broken, help me.”

Jesus said to her, “Cease your weeping,
Cease your grieving and sad lament;
For your brother, My most beloved friend, Lazarus,
Very soon will live again.”

Then He, the Faithful Redeemer,
Made His way unto the tomb,
Where He cried unto him who was buried four days,
Calling him forth, saying “Lazarus, arise.”

Come with haste, ye two sisters,
And behold a wondrous thing,
For your brother from the tomb has returned to life.
To the Beloved Redeemer now give thanks.

To Thee, O Lord of Creation,
We kneel down in reverence profound,
For all we who are dead in sin,
In Thee, O Jesus, are made alive.

Saint Mary of Bethany is one of the Holy Myrrh-Bearing Women

Apolytikion: Unto the Myrrh-Bearing Women did the Angel cry out as he stood by the Grave: Myrrh-oils are meet for the dead, but Christ hath proved to be a stranger to corruption. But cry out:  The Lord is Risen, granting great mercy to the world.

Kontakion: When Thou didst cry, Rejoice, unto the Myrrh-Bearers, Thou didst make the lamentation of Eve the first mother to cease by Thy Resurrection, O Christ God. And Thou didst bid Thine Apostles to preach:  The Saviour is Risen from the grave.


John 11: 5

Now Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus. 


Saint Mary of Bethany is sisters with Saint Martha of Bethany, and their brother is Saint Lazarus Four-Day.

John 11:32

Then, when Mary came where Jesus was, and saw Him, she fell down at His feet, saying to Him, “Lord, if You had been here, my brother would not have died.”


John 12:3

Then Mary took a pound of very costly oil of spikenard, anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped His feet with her hair.