Saint Luke the Surgeon, Archbishop of Simferopel

Feast Day: June 11th

The Life of Saint Luke: Valentine would also refuse to perform an operation without first Praying before an Icon of the Theotokos in the operating room, and then signing the patient with iodine in the Sign of the Cross…



Troparion: O herald of the way of Salvation, Confessor and Archpastor of the Crimean flock, faithful keeper of the Traditions of the Fathers, unshakeable pillar and teacher of Orthodoxy, Pray unceasingly to Christ our Saviour to grant Salvation and strong faith to Orthodox Christians, O Holy Hierarch Luke, physician wise in God.

Apolytikion: O Physician and Shepherd, let us all honour Luke, as Simferopol’s Shepherd and a radiant Archpriest, who bore Christ’s Divine marks, exiles, dangers, being locked within prisons, tribulations and persecution, for in the last days has shown forth, in Russia a new Saint.


A Prayer of the Sick to Saint Luke: O Holy Hierarch, Confessor, teacher of the Truth and Unmercenary Physician Luke, we bend the knees of our Souls and bodies and fall before your precious and healing Relics, and we entreat you, as children to their father. Hearken unto us sinners, O precious father, and present our entreaty to the Merciful God Who loves mankind, for you are before Him with all the Saints. We believe that you love us for with this love you loved your brothers during your Earthly life.

For using the art of medicine, you healed all manner of illnesses of the sick, with the help of Grace. And after your Sacred Repose, the Master of All showed your Grace-flowing Relics to be a spring of healing. For various diseases are healed, and power is granted to those who piously embrace them and entreat your Divine intercession.

Therefore we entreat you and fervently ask of you, who were granted the Grace of healing: visit and heal our sick and terribly needy brother/sister/brethren (Name) from his/her/their continuing sickness.

All-precious and Most-Holy Father Luke, the steady hope of the sick and troubled, do not neglect to grant our brother/sister/brethren (Name) healing and all good things.

That we might with you Glorify the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, the One Godhead and Kingdom, now and forever and to the ages of ages. Amen.


Saint Luke helped so many people while he was alive, and he continues today to help everyone who Prays to him.

As a young child, Saint Luke loved art, and he also cultivated his love for God and people around him. He decided to study medicine as he wanted to help people. He was married and had children, but became a widower not many years later.


Saint Luke became obedient to the Divine Calling of Christ to become a Priest and Archbishop. He was given the name Luke because of his similarity to the Holy Apostle and Evangelist Luke, who was both an Iconographer and Doctor too. During this time Saint Luke lived through extreme persecutions from communists, and endured a very painful Martyrdom for 11 years as a result of his Orthodox Faith, but he rejoiced and remained unshaken in his love for God.



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Quotes by Saint Luke

Make your heart a Monastery. There sound the semandron, there call your vigil, cense and whisper ceaseless Prayers. God is next to you.

Now we do not understand their meaning, but later we will understand them. Now we sense that we are treated unjustly and cursed. Later we will understand that from everything we would have an awesome benefit: a humble mind.

May the sweetest Jesus be always in your thoughts, may He be a harbour to which you return again and again… Furthermore, do not cease to call upon the Panagia to help whenever you have need, and more.

Someone Else, my brother, rules everything and not the greats of this world.

Courage, courage; gaze high and you will see the Lord, when you weep, when you seek with longing, when you bleed, then you will see how He stretched out His Beloved and Comforting hand with a Crown.

You, now, should try to entreat God as much as you can with Prayer and ascesis. Keep the Canon that was given to you by your Spiritual Father, and try to feel God.

Do not be troubled, do not mourn more than is right, because thus you give rights to the evil one to hit you with strength.

Do all things in order to seek Him and place Him within your heart. Your little heart should soften, my child, from the touch of Grace, every instant when you think how much God loves you and how much He has protected your from Spiritual death, protecting you from the filth that the demons bring to the mind of men.

Continue your path with courage, with much courage. Let your heart rejoice in the Lord, and He will grant it all nourishments and all energy that is needed so that it does not collapse. Nothing should seem difficult to you.

Remember, remember my beloved child, that all of the happenings of our life are part of the utterly unknown economy of God.