Saint Luke the Evangelist, Apostle of the 70, Iconographer, Physician & Bishop

Feast Day: October 18th

& January 4th, Synaxis of the Holy 70 Apostles

& June 20th, Translation of his Holy Relics

& April 22nd

The Life of Saint Luke: He painted an Image of the Holy Mother of God in her Earthly lifetime. The All Holy Virgin praised this representation and said, “May the Grace of Him Who was born of me be upon this Image.” …



Apolytikion: Holy Apostle and Evangelist Luke, intercede with our Merciful God, that He may grant to our Souls the forgiveness of our sins.

Kontakion: Let us praise Divine Luke, the star of the Church, herald of piety and proclaimer of Mysteries; for the Word Who alone knows the secrets of hearts, has chosen him with Paul, as a teacher of the Nations.

Megalynarion: O Luke, discourser of God, blessed is thy right hand, for by it two Sacred Writings of the Word of God were recorded for us, the faithful, together with the august Icon of the Mother of God.

Hymn: Rejoice, thou who alone, rejoicing, hast recorded for us the Archangel’s greeting to the pure one: Rejoice!, and the Baptist calling her, from his mother’s womb, the Bearer of the Lord, and his conception and the Incarnation of the Word, His temptations and Miracles, words and sufferings, His Cross, death and arising, and His issuing forth, which thou didst behold; and the descent of the Spirit, whose companion thou wast, as well as a physician and initiate of the Mysteries and a luminary of the Church, which do thou preserve forever.


Hymn of Praise by Saint Nikolai Velimirovich: The Divine Luke, both wise and learned, was tortured willingly for the Lord. He could have avoided mockery and torture, but the world would not have had the great Luke. The young Luke beheld God’s Truth and surrendered his heart to the Son of God. He hearkened to the Teacher, beheld the Wonderworker, and in Him he recognised the Immortal Creator. He beheld the Resurrected One, and spoke with Him, and worked Miracles in His Name. Christ became his only joy, and Luke sacrificed his mind, wealth and youth to Him. When Luke became old, he was young in Christ, and gave to the world what he received from the Lord. And when he had given the world all he could give, then the world, fulfilling the Scripture, repaid him with contempt. From an old olive tree the aged Luke hung, with a smile on his face and his arms folded crosswise. And the hand of Christ came down from Heaven and received the Soul of His Evangelist. Now, in radiant Paradise with the other Apostles, Saint Luke Prays for the Holy Church.

Saint Luke as a Physician

Saint Luke united both worlds – the Spiritual with the physical – in every aspect of his life. He worked as a Physician and when he dedicated his life to Christ he became a Physician of Souls too. Even today he helps everyone who Prays to him.


Saint Luke as an Evangelist

Saint Luke wrote the Gospel of Luke, and is therefore one of the four Evangelists. He also wrote the Acts of the Apostles, telling of the experiences in the early years of the Church following Christ’s Ascension.


Saint Luke as an Apostle

Saint Luke is one of the Holy 70 Apostles of Christ, and was one of the first to see, speak and eat with the Risen Christ when He joined Saint Luke and Saint Cleopas on the Road to Emmaus.


Saint Luke as an Iconographer

Saint Luke was the first person to depict Our Most Holy Mother of God with Christ in an Icon thereby establishing the most Sacred art of Iconography. He made three Icons from wax, mastic and paint and he offered them to Our Most Holy Mother of God while she was still alive, to ask for her Blessing and opinion on them. She received them with joy and said “May the Grace of the One Born from me be with them through me.”


With the Blessing of Our Most Holy Mother of God and the Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Saint Luke painted 70 Miraculous Icons. Some we know for certain which are by the hand of Saint Luke are shown below.


The Holy Icon of Panagia Soumela

August 15th

Saint Luke kept the Icon of Panagia Soumela always with him.

We are Blessed to have a Wonderworking copy of this Icon at our Church of Panagia Soumela in Keilor, Melbourne, Australia.


The Holy Icon of Panagia Kykkotissa


The Holy Icon of Panagia of the Great Cave

October 18th


The Holy Icon of Panagia Malevi

August 15th


The Holy Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God

June 26th


Apolytikion: Today thy Most Venerable Icon, O Lady, hath shone in Heaven upon us like a most brilliant sun, enlightening the world with rays of mercy, which great Russia and America received from on high most reverently as a Divine gift, and they Glorify thee, O Mother of God, as the Queen of All, and joyfully magnify Christ our God Who was born of thee. Pray to Christ, O our Lady and Queen, O Theotokos, that He keep all Christians unharmed by all assaults of the enemy, and that He save them that Venerate His Divine Image and thy Pure Icon with faith, O Virgin who knewest not wedlock.

Kontakion: Let us run, O ye peoples, to the Virgin Queen, the Theotokos, thanking Christ our God; and gazing tenderly at her Miraculous Icon, let us fall down and cry to her: O Lady Mary, having visited this land by the wondrous appearance of thy Venerable Icon, keep all Christians in peace and prosperity, and make them heirs of the Heavenly life; for to thee we cry with faith: Rejoice, O Virgin, Salvation of the world.

Through her Most Holy Icon of Tikhvin, Our Most Holy Mother of God has Miraculously helped countless people and situations. This Icon is especially known for the healing of children.


The Holy Icon of the Theotokos Vrefokratousa, of Agiassou

August 23rd

Apolytikion: Of your Divine Icon, O Pure one, Agiasos dances and rejoices and ever magnifies. Your Glory, O Immaculate one, now translated from Holy Sion, possessing this great wealth, and cries out with boasting. Hail O Full of Grace, the Lord is with you.


The Holy Icon of Panagia of Czestochowa

March 6th


The Holy Icon of the Mother of God of Vladimir

May 21st & June 23rd & August 26th

Holy Tradition states that Saint Luke painted this Holy Icon on a cedar table top from the house where Our Most Holy Mother of God lived with Saint Joseph the Betrothed and Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Troparion: Today the City of Moscow is radiant for it receives the sunbeam of thy Wonderworking Icon, O Lady. As we greet it we Pray to thee and cry: O wonderful Mother of God, Pray to Christ our God Who was Incarnate of thee that this City and all Cities and Countries be kept safe from all enemy assaults and that our Souls may be Saved, for He is Merciful .


The Smolensk “Hodigitria” Icon of the Mother of God (She who leads the way)

July 28th


The Holy Khakhula Icon of the Mother of God

August 15th


The Holy Korsun Icon of the Mother of God

October 9th


The Holy Icon of the Mother of God of Vilnius

April 14th & February 15th

Saint Luke was crucified on an Olive Tree in 84 AD. His Holy Relics were transferred to Constantinople many years later and placed under the Altar of the Church of the Holy Apostles.