Saint Julitta and Saint Cyricus the Martyrs

Feast Day: July 15th

The Life of Saint Julitta and Saint Cyricus: During her torments Saint Julitta kept repeating, “I am a Christian, and will not offer sacrifice to demons.”… The Divinely-illumined infant began to invoke the Name of Christ with a stammering voice and to cry: “I am a Christian!… I love Christ!”…



Apolytikion: Blessed Julitta, Christ God’s rational ewe-lamb, with Holy Cyricus, her three-year-old child, stood at the judgment seat and with authority and great boldness they proclaimed the True Faith of the Christians. In no wise were they afraid of the threats of the tyrants; and now in Heaven, wearing precious Crowns, they both rejoice as they stand before Christ our God.

Kontakion: As the Martyr of Christ God, the chaste Julitta, in her arms bare Cyricus, she cried out in the stadium with manful courage and boundless joy: You are the strength of the Martyrs, O Christ my God.

Doxastikon: Come, and let us all behold a strange and paradoxical sight. Who has ever seen a three-year-old child putting to shame a tyrant? O the wonder! A mother is nursing, and the reclining infant cries to the milk-giver: Do not be afraid, O my mother, of the threats of the terrible leader of this world, for Christ is the hope of those who believe in Him.

Doxastikon: The three-year-old preached the Trinity, and the nursling confirmed the mother: Cease, O my mother, the wailing of tears, for the Creator beholds us above, and saves our Souls.

Doxastikon: You appeared as a child among Martyrs, and were shown perfect in mind, having received the beginningless Word, O All-praised one, and you did not fear the fire of the lawless. Together with your mother, entreat the Creator, that He might save, as the Savior of our Souls.

Saint Julitta and her son Saint Cyricus strengthened each other in their love for Christ, which no flatteries on Earth could turn them away from.


Because of local Christian persecutions, Saint Julitta fled to seek safety with her child Saint Cyricus. However when imminent Martyrdom followed them, Saint Julitta realised it’s was God’s will that they endure Martyrdom for their love of Christ, which they did with Christ’s strength so they could live with Him forever.