Saint Joseph the Hesychast and Cave-Dweller

Feast Day: August 16th

The Life of Saint Joseph the Hesychast: “At once I was completely changed and forgot myself. I was filled with light in my heart and outside and everywhere, not being aware that I even had a body. The Prayer began to say itself within me.” …


A Movie about The Life of Saint Joseph the Hesychast


Apolytikion: The offspring of Athos and the great adornment of Monks, defender of Ascesis, haven of silence and Prayer, our Father you were revealed. Through your life you showed us, Grace’s ways of Salvation, saving through your entreaties those who faithfully Pray to you. And therefore intercede with the Lord, O Righteous Father Joseph.

Kontakion: By the streams of thy tears, O Father, thou didst wash clean, and by thy sleepless Prayers thou didst make gleam, the garment of thy Soul, O Joseph; and within the incorrupt Bridechamber thou dost now exult with the Saints whose way of life thou didst follow. With them, do thou Pray that those who honour thee be saved.


And thine entire being to The Prayer didst thou dedicate.