Saint Joanna the Holy Myrrh-Bearer

Feast Day: June 27th

& Sunday of the Holy Myrrh-Bearers (2nd Sunday after Pascha)

The Life of Saint Joanna: Joanna recovered the head of Saint John the Forerunner after Herodias had disposed of it…


Saint Joanna is one of the Holy Myrrh-Bearing Women

Apolytikion: Unto the Myrrh-Bearing Women did the Angel cry out as he stood by the Grave: Myrrh-oils are meet for the dead, but Christ hath proved to be a stranger to corruption. But cry out:  The Lord is Risen, granting great mercy to the world.

Kontakion: When Thou didst cry, Rejoice, unto the Myrrh-Bearers, Thou didst make the lamentation of Eve the first mother to cease by Thy Resurrection, O Christ God. And Thou didst bid Thine Apostles to preach:  The Saviour is Risen from the grave.


Matthew 14: 12

 Then his disciples came and took away the body and buried it, and went and told Jesus.


Saint Joanna buried the Holy Head of Saint John the Forerunner on the Mount of Olives, after it was disposed of by Herodias. This is because Joanna’s husband Chuza was Herod’s steward, and she knew where it was unworthily buried.