Saint James the Great Martyr of Persia

Feast Day: November 27th

The Life of Saint James the Persian: As the executioners heard this, they cut off the toes of his feet one by one, in order to submit him to even more pain. But he was firm and adamant, thanking them at each toe, singing a hymn…



Apolytikion: Be entreated, O Lord, by the sufferings endured for You by the Saints, and we Pray You, heal all our pain.

Apolytikion: The Martyr James, from the root of Persia, through his struggle drowned the deceiving dragon in the streams of his blood. For the faith of the Truth, his members were cut off, he appeared as a trophy-bearer and soldier of the Saviour, and he intercedes ceaselessly for our Souls.

Kontakion: O stout-hearted James, persuaded by thy noble wife, and fearing the dread tribunal, thou didst scorn all fear of the Persians with their profane decrees, and thou wast shown forth to be a most wondrous Martyr of Christ, when all of thy body was pruned like a vine.

Oikos: Let us all cry out from our Soul, and shed tears, beholding how the Martyr is bitterly torn apart. For his executioners have gathered around like dogs, and have torn apart the members of this wondrous and brave Martyr among the Martyrs. For would you not say that he was a little patient? And I respond diligently how he was offered to the Lord, when all of his body was pruned like a vine.

Verse: Your members were cut apart, and the Persian bore slaughter, “That I might save my Soul, take away my members”, he says. On the twenty-seventh, the Persian was torn to pieces.

2022 – Chants – Your body was like branches of the vine cut up & yet you sang unto the unapproachable Trinity Hymns.