Saint Iakovos Tsalikis of Evia

Feast Day: November 22nd

The Life of Saint Iakovos: He was a living Incarnation of the Gospel…




Akathist Hymn

Apolytikion: The prototype of discernment and modesty, the Wonderworking leader of the Monastery of David the Venerable, who plowed and sowed love in the hardened hearts of the God-bearing people, O Father Iakovos. Do not neglect to intercede with Christ on behalf of those who call upon you in faith.

Kontakion: In Evia you lived practically, and were adorned with the pure roses of virtues, giving fragrance to your fellow refugees in these latter days, O Father, you who equalled the feats of the Sacred David [of Evia] and the most sympathetic deliverer of those who suffer, therefore we cry out: Rejoice, O Blessed Iakovos.

2021 – You pour out Gifts of Grace every day for us.
2020 – Ascetic Iakovos you seemed like an Angel in Saint David’s Monastery.


Icons, Photos & Videos


Saint Iakovos Praying the Akathist Hymn to Our Most Blessed Mother of God.
Elder Iakovos Tsalikis – A Saint of our days
A vision of Saint Iakovos of Saint Seraphim showing him Heaven.
Saint Iakovos Documentary 2021

Quotes by Saint Iakovos

We must take care of our health, for God has given us doctors and medicine and we mustn’t be indifferent.

Pray with faith, counsel [your children]… with love, in a gentle way.

When the Priest cuts out sections [of bread that will be used for Holy Communion] and commemorates the names of the faithful during the Prothesi, an Angel of the Lord descends and takes this commemoration and places it before the Throne of Christ as a Prayer for those commemorated.

Once, someone came to me and said: “My Priest, they told me that fasting doesn’t exist.” “And who told you that there was no fasting? Go tell the Priest to open the Bible and see that which discusses fasting: ‘without Prayer and fasting’ (Matthew 17:21, Mark 9:29), which our Christ says, and other things.’ And the demons, and sicknesses, and all the passions are cast out with fasting. The Holy Forerunner, what did he eat in the desert? What did the Venerable David eat? With an Antidoron, he passed the whole week in his Cell of Asceticism.

We are not Sanctified by the place in which we live, but by the way we live. We may be on the Holy Mountain but, in our thoughts, be in the world. Or we may be here [in the world] in body, but noetically on the Holy Mountain.

Do not hope in the world. Be careful in your social interactions. Never listen to what the world is telling you. Temptations come; we’re human. The devil has many feet, altars and traps. Everything will be faced during marriage with love, meekness and patience. Have faith in God and Prayer and everything will go according to the Will of God.

The Saint spoke with sweet words and with discernment in order to comfort the pained and exhausted mother, and with discernment and a smile he said to the father: “I was proud of you last night. You chanted all night and Prayed. Good job! But you would have had an even greater blessing and reward if you sat a half hour instead of three, near your wife helping her to feed the children and put them to bed, because for married people, your Prayer Ropes and prostrations are your children. When they grow up you will have time to do them, but “a brother is helped by a brother”. Let everything be done by mutual consent.”

And uncountable amount of money has passed through my hands, but all of it has gone to where it was meant to go, to those who suffer, to the poor, to those in need.

Bind your Soul to the rock of faith. Never mind what waves come at you, they’ll break on the rock of faith and all obstacles will be overcome.