Saint Iakovos Tsalikis of Evia

Feast Day: November 22nd

The Life of Saint Iakovos: He was a living Incarnation of the Gospel…



Akathist Hymn

Apolytikion: The prototype of discernment and modesty, the Wonderworking leader of the Monastery of David the Venerable, who plowed and sowed love in the hardened hearts of the God-bearing people, O Father Iakovos. Do not neglect to intercede with Christ on behalf of those who call upon you in faith.

Kontakion: In Evia you lived practically, and were adorned with the pure roses of virtues, giving fragrance to your fellow refugees in these latter days, O Father, you who equalled the feats of the Sacred David [of Evia] and the most sympathetic deliverer of those who suffer, therefore we cry out: Rejoice, O Blessed Iakovos.


Saint Iakovos lived in a Monastery built by Saint David of Evia many centuries ago. Although separated by a few hundred years, the two developed a close Spiritual relationship as Elder and Spiritual child and Saint Iakovos Prayed and spoke to Saint David constantly, because he was right there with him as his beloved Elder.


Many of the Icons of Saint Iakovos are inscribed with the words “The ‘Forgive me'”. This is because one of Saint Iakovos’ most characteristic phrases during discussions was “forgive me”.


Eleven months after the Repose of Elder Iakovos, a Monk took this photo of his Cell. When the film was developed, our Blessed Elder Iakovos is seen in the photo!


When Saint Iakovos was in the army he received leave to attend Church during Holy Week, however he remained and let his fellow soldier take his place, and he lived Christ’s Resurrection in the Uncreated Light.



Saint Iakovos would often visit the Church of Saint John the Russian in Evia, to Pray and venerate his Holy Relics. The two Saints had a beautiful Spiritual closeness and relationship.

Saint Iakovos said: “Once, I saw the Saint alive inside of his Reliquary. I asked him: “My Saint, how did you live in Asia Minor, what Virtues and Blessings did you have?” The Saint replied: “I slept in the cave in which was the stable and covered myself with straw to take cover in the winter so I wouldn’t freeze. I had humility and faith.” Not long after, Saint John said to Saint Iakovos: “Wait, Father Iakovos, because now two people have come to Pray for a sick child. Wait until I go help him.” Immediately the Reliquary appeared empty, because the Saint left. In a short while, he returned, though I didn’t see how he did, but I saw him inside his Reliquary like a [living] man!”


Read some more moments shared between Saint Iakovos and Saint John the Russian.

One year on the Feast of the Nativity, the joy of Saint Iakovos was so great that he went into the forest chanting ‘Christ is born, Glorify Him!’, and the birds chanted together with him.


A few days before his Blessed Repose, Saint Iakovos wrote on the Cross in his Cell the words ‘Remember Lord your servant Iakovos the Hieromonk’.


Icons, Photos & Videos


Below are some Icons of Saint Iakovos together with Saint Paisios the Athonite, Saint Porphyrios of Kavsokalyvia and Saint Joseph the Hesychast.


Saint Iakovos Praying the Akathist Hymn to Our Most Blessed Mother of God.
Elder Iakovos Tsalikis – A Saint of our days

Quotes by Saint Iakovos

We should lead the Spiritual life, be obedient to our Spiritual Father, confess, take Communion regularly, and, most important of all, avoid criticising other people. We should read Spiritual books and Scripture, the Psalter, and take part in beneficial Spiritual discussions… We need to persist in Prayer and obedience. We have to struggle.

No Prayer, my children, gets lost.

We must take care of our health, for God has given us doctors and medicine and we mustn’t be indifferent.

Pray with faith, counsel [your children]… with love, in a gentle way.

Chase away the bad thoughts and fantasies that the devil presents. Don’t even notice them.

In the Church we find the health, the consolation, the hope and Salvation of our Souls.

When the Priest cuts out sections [of bread that will be used for Holy Communion] and commemorates the names of the faithful during the Prothesi, an Angel of the Lord descends and takes this commemoration and places it before the Throne of Christ as a Prayer for those commemorated.

People… don’t see what takes place in Church during the Divine Liturgy. Once I was serving and I couldn’t make the Great Entrance because of what I saw. I suddenly felt someone pushing me by my shoulder and guiding me toward the Holy Prothesi. I thought it was the chanter. I turned around and saw a huge wing that the Archangel had laid on my shoulder, and that he was guiding me to make the Great Entrance. What amazing things take place in the Altar during the Divine Liturgy!

Once, someone came to me and said: “My Priest, they told me that fasting doesn’t exist.” “And who told you that there was no fasting? Go tell the Priest to open the Bible and see that which discusses fasting: ‘without Prayer and fasting’ (Matthew 17:21, Mark 9:29), which our Christ says, and other things.’ And the demons, and sicknesses, and all the passions are cast out with fasting. The Holy Forerunner, what did he eat in the desert? What did the Venerable David eat? With an Antidoron, he passed the whole week in his Cell of Asceticism.

Don’t hesitate [to come to Confession]. Don’t be ashamed. Whatever you may have done, even the greatest of sins, the Spiritual Father has power from the Lord Jesus Christ Himself and from the Apostles to forgive you with his Stole.

I suffer along with the person who is confessing. I feel pain along with him. I suffer and cry for him… I pray for the repentant; I am concerned about him and wait for him to come again.

We are not Sanctified by the place in which we live, but by the way we live. We may be on the Holy Mountain but, in our thoughts, be in the world. Or we may be here [in the world] in body, but noetically on the Holy Mountain.

Let us fast, my children, do not listen to those who say that fasting is nothing, and that this is something from monks. This is not from monks, my children, forgive me, God says this. The first commandment of God is fasting, and our Christ fasted.