Saint Iakovos (James) the Brother of the Lord, Apostle of the 70 & First Bishop of Jerusalem

Feast Day: October 23rd

& Synaxis of the Holy 70 Apostles (January 4th)

& Sunday of the Holy Forefathers of Christ (Sunday between 11th-17th of December)

& Sunday after the Nativity

The Life of Saint Iakovos: That is why he is called the Lord’s brother. From the beginning, James was devoted to the Lord Jesus…


As the Brother of God thou hast boldness.


Apolytikion: As the Lord’s disciple, O Righteous one, you received the Gospel, as Martyr, you have unwavering courage, as the Lord’s brother, you have forthrightness, as Hierarch, intercession. Intercede with Christ our God, that our Souls may be saved.

Kontakion: O wondrous Iakovos, God the Logos, Only-Begotten of the Father, Who dwelt among us in latter days, declared you, the first shepherd and teacher of Jerusalem, and faithful steward of the Spiritual Mysteries. Wherefore, we all honour you, O Apostle.


Sunday after the Nativity Kontakion: Godly David on this day is filled with gladness of spirit; Joseph also joineth James in offering Glory and praises. They rejoice, for as Christ’s kinsmen, they have received Crowns: and they praise the One ineffably born upon the Earth as they cry out with a great voice: O Lord of mercy, save them that honour Thy Name.

Saint Iakovos was the son of Saint Joseph the Betrothed. Because his father was Betrothed to Our Most Holy Mother of God, Saint Iakovos grew up together with Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Most Holy Lady, looking to them as his most beloved Brother and Mother. Saint Judas the Apostle and Saint Salome were some siblings of Saint Iakovos.


Saint Iakovos was chosen by Christ to be one of the Holy Apostles of the 70.


Saint Iakovos was present at the Dormition of Our Most Holy Mother of God. Saint John the Theologian told Saint Iakovos of her pending Dormition, and he, being Bishop of Jerusalem, told all the faithful, and they all went to be with Our Most Holy Mother of God in her last days and to participate in her burial.