Saint Hermolaus the Holy Hieromartyr, Teacher of Saint Panteleimon & Holy Unmercenary

Feast Day: July 26th

The Life of Saint Hermolaus: After this Miracle, Pantoleon was Baptized by Saint Hermolaus with the name Panteleimon (meaning “all-merciful”)…


A Prayer

Kontakion: O Wise Hermolaus with the God-Bearing Hermippos, and August Hermokrates, as Sacred Priests of the Most High, ye who offered the Unbloody Sacrifice rightly were yourselves stained with your own blood as sacrifices offered up to Christ the One God; and now with boldness ye Pray that all may be saved.

Saint Hermolaus is one of the Holy Unmercenary Saints

Feast Day: October 17th


Apolytikion: Holy Unmercenaries and Wonderworkers, visit our infirmities, freely you have received, freely give to us.


One day Saint Hermolaus invited the young Saint Panteleimon to his house and speak to him about Christ. They became very close and had a Spiritual relationship as father and son. Saint Hermolaus Baptised Saint Panteleimon and gave him the name of all-merciful.



Saint Hermolaus strengthened his spiritual child Saint Panteleimon through his Martyrdom.