Saint Haralambos the Blessed Hieromartyr

Feast Day: February 10th

The Life of Saint Haralambos: During this the Saint turned to his tormentors, “I thank you, brethren, that you have restored my Spirit, which longs to pass over to a new and Everlasting Life!”…



Akathist Hymn

Apolytikion: O wise Haralambos, you were proven an unshakable pillar of the Church of Christ; an ever-shining lamp of the universe. You shone in the world by your Martyrdom. You delivered us from the moonless night of idolatry O Blessed one. Wherefore, boldly intercede to Christ that we may be saved.

Kontakion: O Priest-Martyr, athlete, champion Haralambos, your Relics are a priceless treasure of the Church. Wherefore She rejoices, glorifying the Creator.

Saint Haralambos was a Priest and Bishop of Magnesia. He loved Christ very much and dedicated his life to Him and to helping his fellow brethren. He brought many people to Christ through his preaching, Prayers and way of life. Saint Haralambos Prayed “Lord, Thou knowest that men are flesh and blood; forgive them their sins and pour out Thy Blessing on all.”


Saint Haralambos had very strong Prayers against the enemy. He continues to Pray for us all and help us today, Praying in Heaven before the Throne of God.


“You little know what is for my good and well-being. Nothing could be more pleasing to me than to suffer for Christ. So don’t hesitate to put my old body to the tortures you deem the worst, and you will learn that the power of my Christ cannot be overcome.”


In Melbourne, we are Blessed to have a portion of the Holy Relics of Saint Haralambos at the Church of Saint Haralambos in Templestowe.