Saint George Karslides, the New Confessor of Drama

Feast Day: November 4th

The Life of Saint George: During the Preparation of the elements [for the Divine Liturgy], God would inform him of the Spiritual state of those he commemorated, both the living and the dead. With great Pastoral discernment he would pass the information on to his Parishoners, either to encourage them to Pray more fervently for the Souls of the deceased or to bring sinners to repentance…



Akathist Hymn

Apolytikion: Let us the faithful honour with hymns Venerable George, the founder of the honourable Monastery of the Ascension, the teacher of the Prayer of the Heart, of humbleness and vigilance, as a new boast of the Confessors, crying: Protect by Divine support, O Passion-bearer, all those who pray to thee!

Kontakion: Let us worthily praise in pious hymns the untiring worker of virtue, who by the plow of love and true faith made souls fruitful and founded in the latter times the Monastery of the Ascension in Drama, crying: Rejoice, O blessed George!

Prayer: He who hid a most-healthy heart in a sickly body, and had continuous memory of death, O George, surnamed Karslides, the ever-memorable, let us sweetly praise him with hymns, for he took up the Cross of the Lord upon his shoulders unflinchingly, and passed through the stadium of Asceticism, founding the Monastery of His Ascension in Drama, which was shown forth as a workshop of Prayer and righteousness. Within her, he completed the struggle well, and from death proceeded towards life to be united with Christ, Who bestows upon the world the great and rich mercy.

Prayer: Come, O band who loves the righteous ones, let us praise the Righteous one among Confessors, and spirit-bearing teacher of piety, George, the founder of the Monastery of the Ascension, and cry out with joyous Souls: he who endured hardship and troubles in humility as an all-radiant lamp in years trying for the ranks of the Orthodox, enlighten my mind to meditate on the Law of the Lord, and to Confess the name of the Lord in every instance, Who grants to us through your Prayers the great Mercy.

“Promises to God must not be broken. God will give more.”


“Strive to intensify your faith, and during Divine Liturgy be undistracted and attached to the celebration of the Service so that you might be granted to behold the Majesties of God.”


“Do not think only about what you eat, what to wear, how large a house you will build. Knock on the doors of the poor, the sick, orphans. Prefer more the houses of the sad rather than happy. If you do good works, you will have a large reward from God. You will be made worthy to see Miracles, and in the other life you will have endless jubilation.”


“God cares for everyone. Despair is in effect a lack of faith.”


Below are photos of the Holy Relics of Saint George Karslides in his Monastery in Drama.

“Don’t be sad, for we will all depart from here. We are passing travellers. We came here to show our works and to leave.”



We in Victoria, Australia, are Blessed to have a Holy Relic of Saint George Karslides at the Holy Monastery of Panagia Quick to Hear, in Geelong.

Once while Elder Joseph the Hesychast was Praying for a departed Soul who had been condemned, he had the following vision: “As I was Praying, I saw the late Father George Karslidis in front of me. He is a contemporary Saint. I managed to meet him because he was still alive when I was in the world. Ever day, he served the Liturgy and commemorated thousands of names. Afterwards, he would go to the tombs and read Trisagion Prayers and Memorial Services for the departed, all day long. I saw him in a vision and heard him saying to me in great amazement: “Wow! Until today, I thought that the deceased were only saved with Liturgies and Memorial Services. But today I saw and realised that people in hell are also saved with Prayer Ropes.” Again he repeated with admiration: “Yes, people are also saved with Prayer Ropes.” – Abbot Haralambos Dionysiatis


Quotes by Saint George Karslides

The Panagia does not want big candles, she wants charity shown to the poor.

Why do you go to Church every day, and yet you haven’t made up with your children?