Saint George Karslides, the New Confessor of Drama

Feast Day: November 4th

The Life of Saint George: During the Preparation of the elements [for the Divine Liturgy], God would inform him of the Spiritual state of those he commemorated, both the living and the dead. With great Pastoral discernment he would pass the information on to his Parishoners, either to encourage them to Pray more fervently for the Souls of the deceased or to bring sinners to repentance…



Akathist Hymn

Apolytikion: Let us the faithful honour with hymns Venerable George, the founder of the honourable Monastery of the Ascension, the teacher of the Prayer of the Heart, of humbleness and vigilance, as a new boast of the Confessors, crying: Protect by Divine support, O Passion-bearer, all those who pray to thee!

Kontakion: Let us worthily praise in pious hymns the untiring worker of virtue, who by the plow of love and true faith made souls fruitful and founded in the latter times the Monastery of the Ascension in Drama, crying: Rejoice, O blessed George!

Prayer: He who hid a most-healthy heart in a sickly body, and had continuous memory of death, O George, surnamed Karslides, the ever-memorable, let us sweetly praise him with hymns, for he took up the Cross of the Lord upon his shoulders unflinchingly, and passed through the stadium of Asceticism, founding the Monastery of His Ascension in Drama, which was shown forth as a workshop of Prayer and righteousness. Within her, he completed the struggle well, and from death proceeded towards life to be united with Christ, Who bestows upon the world the great and rich mercy.

Prayer: Come, O band who loves the righteous ones, let us praise the Righteous one among Confessors, and spirit-bearing teacher of piety, George, the founder of the Monastery of the Ascension, and cry out with joyous Souls: he who endured hardship and troubles in humility as an all-radiant lamp in years trying for the ranks of the Orthodox, enlighten my mind to meditate on the Law of the Lord, and to Confess the name of the Lord in every instance, Who grants to us through your Prayers the great Mercy.







Quotes by Saint George Karslides

When a farmer starts ploughing in order to sow, he doesn’t look back, and God protects him.

The Elder said that what saves man is “the good works of God: humility, obedience, love, and mercy.”

Do not sit at the hour of the Divine Liturgy. Your mind should not fly here and there. As long as you are in Church make the decision to devote all of the time to Prayer.

The Christian who loves all people has a great reward, especially if he forgives those who do him evil. For if we don’t love our neighbour, all the good works we do will be worthless. They amount to nothing, we will be worthless. Love, my brethren. God requires love from us.

Your hair turned white, you’ve grown old, you will depart from this Earth – what will you find in the other world? Your plate is empty and your oil lamp is extinguished.

To someone who decided to dissolve his marriage because his mother-in-law intervened indiscriminately in his house, the Elder said the following: “A wife you cannot break away from easily. God gave her to you, and with her you will suffer.”

He said to a certain pilgrim about a dispute: “He did this to you, you did this to him, he did this to you, and again you did this to him. These things never end. You should not have continued to return the evil.”

The Elder said to a pilgrim of the Monastery: “To the poor man who asked you to give him bread you did not give, and now you came to do Forty Liturgies to make a display?”

To a young woman he said: “For the love you showed your bedridden mother you did well. God has forgiven you everything.”

A few days before his Venerable Repose, he would see the mountains and say: “Blessed mountains, you will remain alone.” It was as if he was saying goodbye to them.

If you Pray without giving alms, your Prayer is dead. Your hands should always be open. Give alms to orphans and widows. Alms and Prayers go together.

Neither should wealth impress you, nor honour, but always walk justly. Eat your bread with your honourable sweat and not through unjust means. The things you gain honourably, do not squander aimlessly. Live honourably and humbly, and as much as possible extend your hands in almsgiving.