Saint Eustathios, his wife Saint Theopista and their sons Saint Agapius & Saint Theopistus

Feast Day: September 20th

The Life of Saint Eustathios, Saint Theopista, Saint Agapius and Saint Theopistus: Then she came to recognize the commander as her husband, and with tears she told him about herself and about the two soldiers who were actually their sons. Thus, through the great Mercy of the Lord, the whole family was happily reunited…



Kontakion: O Blest one, since thou didst emulate Christ’s sufferings and drankest His cup with eagerness, thou didst become a partaker and joint-heir of His Glory, O wise Eustathios; and since He is God of all things, He gave thee Divine power from Heaven’s heights.

Doxastikon: O adamantine in Soul, how can we rightly praise you? For you surpassed nature when you were deprived of your wealth and your children and your spouse, as you cried out with the Blessed and ever-memorable voice of Job: “The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away, may the Lord be Glorified.” And this is what happened, for you loved God, and fervently desired Him, and again to you was given those whom you loved, who providentially became your fellow athletes, with whom you suffered many tortures and reached your Blessed end, as you received them as your fellow intercessors, O Eustathios, steadfast in Soul. We entreat you that we be delivered from our offences.

Hymn of Praise by Saint Nikolai Velimerovich: Eustathios, a wonder among generals, gave his life for the Living Lord. Authority and glory and royal honour he discarded as refuse and chaff, for the sake of Christ, the Immortal King, for the sake of True Eternal Life. When the Voice of Jesus greeted him, he was infused with ardent love for Christ the All-Glorious God, the All-Glorious Lover of Mankind. That Voice remained deep in his Soul, and the world could not drown it out; and the radiant Cross which the general saw, never left his Soul. The Cross gave him wondrous fearlessness. The Cross saved him from the enemy’s power, and saved his spouse, faithful as a rock, and his children, heroic and virtuous. Eustathios gave his body over to the fire, and his blessed spirit to the Lord. O Eustathios, glorious Martyr, invincible soldier of Christ, help and strengthen the Church of God that the malicious demon not slander it. Let the Church shine as a star, and Glorify her Sun, Christ.

The Voice replied, “I am Jesus Christ, Whom you do not know, yet you honour Me by your good deeds. I have appeared here on this creature for your sake, to capture you in the net of My love for mankind. It is not fitting that one as righteous as you should worship idols and not know the Truth. It was to save mankind that I came into the world.”


The Lord Himself foretold his impending tribulations: “Eustathios, you shall suffer many misfortunes, as did Job, but in the end you will conquer the devil.”


After living with the difficulty of spending many years apart, the whole family were finally reunited.


Before being placed in the bull, Saint Eustathios Prayed, “Grant, O Lord, Thy Grace to our Relics, and grant to those who call upon us a place in Thy Kingdom. Though they call upon us when they are in danger on a river or on the sea, we entreat Thee to come to their aid.”