Saint Euphrosynos the Cook

Feast Day: September 11th

The Life of Saint Euphrosynos: While passing his days preparing food for the brethren, he at the same time prepared a table for himself in the Kingdom of God by his virtuous life…



Apolytikion: With a humble heart Father Euphrosynos, you offered your service as a cook, and you were truly filled with the Holy Spirit, wherefore the Glory of God became known in you, through a Venerable Priest; make us also partakers of the same, God-bearer, through your intercessions.

Kontakion: You partook of Heavenly gladness, which came to pass Euphrosynos, due to your Angelic life, and you were seen to be equal in honour to the Angels, with them do beseech, on behalf of those who honour you.

Megalynarion: You lived as an Ascetic like an Angel on Earth, in a virtuous manner, you purified your Soul; wherefore without ceasing you partake in gladness, intercede for us Father Euphrosynos.


A Prayer before Cooking: Lord, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, with the Prayers of Saint Euphrosynos the Cook, help me prepare this food in Your Glory. Amen.

“This is the dwelling place of God’s elect, and by God’s great goodness I have made my abode here as well.”