Saint Euphemia the Great Martyr of Chalcedon

Feast Day: September 16th

& July 11th – Commemoration of the Miracle at the 4th Ecumenical Council

The Life of Saint Euphemia: The Saint gave thanks unto the Lord with gladness…



Apolytikion: The Divine eros, radiantly struggling, as fragrance you offered to Christ O All-Praised one, seen as an All-comely youth, and an adorned Martyr, therefore entering into the Bridal Chamber of Heaven, you bestow on the world the graces of healing, and you save those who cry out, hail O Divine Euphemia.

Kontakion: Thou strovest valiantly in thy Sacred contest; and even after death, thou makest us holy with streams of healings, O All-famed Euphemia. For this cause we Venerate thy most Holy dormition and with faith we stand before thine All-Venerable Relics, that we be freed from illness of the Soul and also draw forth the Grace of thy Miracles.

Apolytikion: O Euphemia, thou didst gladden the Orthodox, and put the heretics to shame. Thou didst confirm the Fathers’ teaching at the Fourth Synod. O Glorious Martyr, entreat Christ our God to grant us His great Mercy.

Kontakion: Thou didst struggle in faith and suffering for Christ thy Bridegroom. Now, through the Mother of God, Pray that the Orthodox may overthrow heresies, O All-famed Euphemia, who didst receive and guard the definition of the six hundred and thirty God-bearing Fathers.


Saint Euphemia was Praying with fellow Christians during a pagan festival which everyone was supposed to attend. Being caught, Saint Euphemia was offered worldly pleasures to renounce her Christian faith, however the young Holy Virgin Euphemia stayed strong in her faith, and Prayed to Our Lord Jesus Christ for His strength through the tortures she faced. Saint Euphemia suffered greatly, and received the Crown of Martyrdom.


The Miracle of Saint Euphemia at the Fourth Ecumenical Synod: After three days the Patriarch and the Emperor in the presence of the Synod opened the Tomb with its Relics: the Scroll with the Orthodox Confession was held by Saint Euphemia in her right hand, and the scroll of the heretics lay at her feet. Saint Euphemia, as though alive, raised her hand and gave the scroll to the Patriarch…


About: The relationship between Saint Paisios and Saint Euphemia


“It is me, Euphemia, Father.”

He said to her: “I would like you to tell me how you endured your Martyrdom.” The Saint replied: “Father, if I knew back then how Eternal Life would be and the Heavenly beauty the Souls enjoy by being next to God, I honestly would have asked for my Martyrdom to last forever, as it was absolutely nothing compared to the Gifts of the Grace of God!”


Saint Paisios asked the Nuns of his Monastery to paint an Icon of Saint Euphemia, carefully describing every detail of how he saw her.