Saint Ephraim of Nea Makri, the Newly-Revealed Holy Martyr

Feast Day: May 5th

& January 3rd – Finding of his Holy Relics

The Life of Saint Ephraim: Being enflamed with love for God, Saint Ephraim eagerly placed himself under the Monastic discipline…



Akathist Hymn


Apolytikion: On Amomon Mountain, you shown forth like the sun, and O God-bearer, you left for God by Martyrdom, you endured barbarians’ attacks, Ephraim O Great-Martyr of Christ, because of this you ever pour forth grace, to those who piously cry out to you, Glory to Him who gave you strength, Glory to Him you made you wondrous, Glory to Him who grants through you, healings for all!

Kathisma: O Wonderworker Ephraim, you were truly shown to be a newly-shining star of the Church of Christ, and the rays of your wonders shine upon the ends of the Earth. Therefore today, we celebrate the Holy Feast of your Martyrdom, as we magnify Christ.

Hymn: You proceeded steadily on the path of the virtues, and put to death the carnal mindset through the pains of self-control, O All-Blessed Ephraim, making your Soul and most-pure body to be a dwelling-place of the All-Holy Trinity, as full of Divine Light, and through the prince of darkness, the barbarians schemed to sway you, but you swatted them away steadfastly, having been strengthened by Christ, and as hold in the furnace, you were tried by many forms of tortures, and were put to death on a tree of life, having been made worthy of Martyrical Glory, and you entreat that we all be granted peace, and Divine Mercy.


Prayer to Saint Ephraim for Deliverance from Addictions: O Holy Martyr Ephraim, look with compassion upon my distress and, as thou didst deliver the young man from his cruel addiction, so also pray for me that our Lord and Saviour, for Whom thou didst witness unto death, may deliver my Soul from captivity to Satan. For I am in cruel bondage and suffering because of my weakness and sinfulness. Beseech Our Merciful Lord that, as He didst lead the Hebrews forth from slavery in Egypt and called His people out of Babylon, as He delivered the youth from the demon, and freed the daughter of the Canaanite woman, and healed the woman taken in adultery and restored the Samaritan woman, that He may also set me free and deliver me from the demon of addiction. I confess that I have fallen into this evil through my own slothfulness and weakness, but have mercy and pray for me, O Saint and Martyr of God.

A Prayer to be said continually by one who is struggling with addiction to drugs, alcohol or any other passion: O Lord, Jesus Christ, through the prayers of Thy Holy Martyr Ephraim, have mercy on me and deliver me from this cruel bondage.

At the age of 14, Saint Ephraim came to the Holy Monastery on Mount Ammomon dedicated to the Annunciation of the Mother of God, and Saint Paraskevi the Great Martyr. He loved Christ very much and dedicated his life to him, and became a Priest-Monk. Saint Ephraim purified himself so much in Ascetic struggles that he became a dwelling place of the Holy Spirit.


Saint Ephraim was captured and horrendously tortured for eight months because of his Christian faith. However, his love for Christ was greater than all this pain, and he remained strong during this time and finally received his Martyrdom on a Mulberry Tree, at the Monastery where he lived.


Saint Ephraim continues to Pray for you, me, and the whole world. He is always ready to help whoever calls on him and he has appeared to so many people, comforting them and healing them through the Love of Christ. He particularly helps those who feel lost and in despair, always encouraging us to have hope and to turn to Christ Who is the Light, the Love and the Life.


The dog at the burial of the Holy Body of Saint Ephraim: In front of the hollow of a large tree in the courtyard of the Monastery there was a dog, white with black polka dots, and a sad expression in its eyes from which tears rolled down. At the entrance of the Monastery three farmers appeared. The dog was roaming back and forth from the tree growling, inviting them over. When the farmers approached the tree, they saw the dog resting its leg on the hollow. Inside they found the wounded, burnt, and bloodied body of the Monk. They carefully lifted it out, dug a hole, and put it in. The dog leaned into the hollow, grabbed a piece of his rib that had been left behind, and threw it into the grave. The farmers then covered the grave and left.


Saint Ephraim is known as a Newly-Revealed Saint, because he was unknown for 500 years before he appeared to the Holy Abbess Makaria and told her of his life.


The Miraculous Finding of the Holy Relics of Saint Ephraim: She saw a tall Monk with small, round eyes, whose beard reached his chest. In his left hand was a bright light, and he gave a blessing with his right hand… He thanked her for caring for his Relics, then he said, “My name is Saint Ephraim.” From his own lips, she heard the story of his life and Martyrdom….

This Icon of Saint Ephraim was painted by an Iconographer who Prayed to the Saint to reveal himself, so that he could properly depict him. This has become the prototype of all the Icons of Saint Ephraim.



Icons of Saint Ephraim together with Saint Nektarios.