Saint Emmelia, Mother of Saint Basil the Great

Feast Day: May 30th

& February 2nd (Sunday after the Feast of the Presentation of Christ to the Temple), The Feast Day of the Mothers of the Three Hierarchs

The Life of Saint Emmelia: She instilled the Orthodox faith in her children, teaching them to Pray and devote their lives to the service of the Church…



Apolytikion: Having lived your life prudently before God, you finished your course beforehand with Revered Basil, All-Revered Emmelia, and in the wilderness, you mutually went with your children, towards that which you longed for above, wherefore Christ Most-Glorified your household.

Prosomoia: What shall we say of you, O Emmelia? The child-loving mother of wondrous children, the tender-loving woman of sacred works, for you bore the Great Basil, and also nursed Peter and Navkration, the bearer of Gregory of Nyssa, and Makrina who was enlightened by God, intercede, that our Souls be saved.