Saint Dionysios of Zakynthos, Bishop of Aegina

Feast Day: December 17th & August 24th

The Life of Saint Dionysios: Then he told the murderer that he was the brother of the man he had killed. He admonished him as a father, and brought him to repentance. After forgiving him, Saint Dionysius brought him down to the shore and helped him to escape to another place in order to save his life…



Apolytikion: The offspring of Zakynthos and president of Aegina, and the protector of the Monastery of Strophades, let all us the faithful honour with one accord Dionysios. And let us cry unto him sincerely: By your Prayers save those who celebrate your Memory and cry unto you: Glory to Christ Who has Glorified you; Glory to Him Who has made you Wondrous; Glory to Him Who has granted you unto us as an unsleeping intercessor.

Kontakion: The city of Zakynthos celebrates today, a joyful feast with the Monastery of Strophades, inviting those of Aegina and the Cyclades, that together they may worthily praise with gladness and joyously celebrate, their common boast, Dionysios.

Megalynarion: You are the treasure of Strophades, and the city of Zakynthos your revered Relic enriches, by the working of miracles, to the crowds of the pious, O Dionysios.


Saint Dionysios is a model of true love and forgiveness in the most difficult circumstances. He forgave the man who murdered his brother, helped bring him to repentance, and saved this man’s life and his Soul.


“Christ on the Cross forgave the sins of the robber who repented at the last moment. Try to be worthy of God’s forgiveness.” – Saint Dionysios

In Melbourne, Australia, we are Blessed to have a Holy Slipper from the Relics of Saint Dionysios at Saint Demetrios Church in Moonee Ponds.