Saint Demos the New Martyr

Feast Day: April 10th

The Life of Saint Demos: He Confessed Jesus as True God; and, for the love of the Lord, he was ready to shed his blood…



The common athletes, not being afraid of the executioners, was Demos numbered among as a new athlete.

Therefore, O Christian, in such a way does the beneficent God glorify those who Glorify Him. May we, too, be granted Divine mercy and those Eternal good things of His Heavenly Kingdom, through the intercession of His Holy Martyr Demos! Amen.

While he was enduring tortures in prison for his faith in Christ, Saint Demosthenes was visited by Saint Nicholas of Mytilene. The two became friends and Saint Nicholas encouraged Saint Demos to persevere to the end, which Saint Demos did, with his untouchable love for Christ.