Saint Demetrios the Myrrh-Streamer

Feast Day: October 26th

The Life of Saint Demetrios: When he saw the soldiers thrusting their spears at him, he raised high his arm and they lanced him in the side, so that he might be deemed worthy to receive the lancing which Christ received in His side…



Akathist Hymn


Apolytikion: The whole world has found you as a Mighty Champion in dangers, O Victor, who rout the Nations. Therefore as you destroyed the pride of Lyaios in the stadium by giving Nestor courage, Holy Great Martyr Demetrios, implore Christ God to grant us His great Mercy.

Prayer: Your most Godlike and blameless Soul, revered Demetrios, has her dwelling in the heavenly Jerusalem, whose walls have been adorned by the hands of the invisible God. While on Earth this famous temple holds your All-Honoured and most Valiant body, an inviolate store house of treasures, a remedy for diseases; to it we have recourse and draw healings. Guard the City which magnifies you, All-Praised, from assaults of foes, for you have boldness towards Christ who Glorified you.

Above all else, Saint Demetrios was a soldier of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


He was also a military soldier.


Saint Demetrios spent most of his time preaching the Gospel and converting pagans to Christianity. Even during his imprisonment he remained unshaken in his faith and converted many people to the Truth.


While he was imprisoned for being a Christian, Saint Demetrios Blessed a young fellow Christian, Saint Nestor, who then became victorious in his battle when he signed himself with the Sign of the Cross and cried out with his heart “God of Demetrios, help me!”. Also remaining close to Saint Demetrios was Saint Lupus, who buried Saint Demetrios’ body with great reverence and Prayer, and worked many Miracles through the blood-stained tunic of Saint Demetrios.


In the Icon of his Martyrdom, we can see Saint Demetrios raising his arm to receive his final torture, and the Angel Crowning him with the Crown of Martyrdom. Saint Demetrios knew he would receive everlasting life with his beloved Lord Jesus Christ, and that’s why he did not even fear death.


Saint Demetrios has the name of Myrrh-Streamer and he is the much beloved Protector of Thessaloniki. Because his Holy Relics continuously stream most precious Myrrh and he has been seen so many times helping people and protecting entire nations.

In Melbourne, Australia, we are Blessed to have a portion of the Myrrh-Streaming Holy Relics of Saint Demetrios, at the Church of Saint Demetrios in Moonee Ponds.



Icons of Saint Demetrios together with Saint George