Saint Constantine the Great, Equal to the Apostles

Feast Day: May 21st

The Life of Saint Constantine: He prayed to God to give him a sign which would inspire his army to fight valiantly, and the Lord showed him a radiant Sign of the Cross in the Heavens with the inscription “In this Sign, conquer.”…


2023 – Sermon


Akathist Hymn

Apolytikion: He beheld the image of Your Cross in the Heavens and, as Paul, he too did not receive the call from men. Your Apostle among Kings placed the care of the Royal City in Your hands. Through the intercessions of the Theotokos, O only Loving Lord, keep it ever in peace.

Kontakion: Today, Constantine with his mother Helena present the Cross, the most Precious Wood. It shames unbelievers. It is a weapon of faithful kings against their adversaries. A great sign has come forth for us which is awesome in battle.

Kathisma: The Maker of the sun and all creation was led once to the Cross. And now to Himself He leads you, the shining star, by stars from Heaven. And to you first He bestowed imperial power. Therefore, O most pious Emperor Constantine, we extol you and your mother Helena the Godly‐Minded.

Hymn: He who rules over creation all, O all‐wise Ruler, foresaw the obedience of your heart, and through reason captured you when unreason was ruling you; and He illumined your thoughts and reasoning with certain knowledge of Orthodox belief; Glorious Constantine, to the world He showed you as a shining sun, radiating brilliant beams of Godly words and deeds.


Holy Constantine and Devout Helen who advanced Your Word….