Saint Ambrose of Optina

Feast Day: October 10th

The Life of Saint Ambrose: From all over Russia, people flocked to the Venerable Elder…



Apolytikion: We run to thee O Ambrose our Father, as to a healing spring. For thou dost truly instruct us on the path of salvation, preserving us from misfortune and calamity by thy Prayers, consoling us in sorrows of body and Soul, teaching above all by humility, patience and love. Pray to Christ, the Lover of mankind, and to our fervent intercessor that our Souls may be saved.

Kontakion: Having fulfilled the precepts of the Shepherd of shepherds, thou didst inherit the Grace of Eldership, having pity on all who run to thee with faith. Therefore we, thy children, cry out to thee in love: Holy Father Ambrose, Pray to Christ God that He would save our Souls.

“If you find that you have no love but desire to have it, do the works of love and the Lord will see your desire and effort and put love in your heart.”

“A continuously happy life produces extremely unhappy consequences. In nature we see that there are not always pleasant springs and fruitful summers, and sometimes autumn is rainy and winter cold and snowy, and there is flooding and wind and storms, and moreover the crops fail and there are famine, troubles, sicknesses and many other misfortunes. All of this is beneficial so that man might learn through prudence, patience and humility. For the most part, in times of plenty he forgets himself, but in times of various sorrows he becomes more attentive to his salvation.”