Saint Alexis the Man of God

Feast Day: March 17th

The Life of Saint Alexis: “Lead into my Church that Man of God, worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven. His Prayer rises up to God like fragrant incense, and the Holy Spirit rests upon him.”…


The Life of Saint Alexios the Man of God.


Apolytikion: Though thou didst bud forth from a renowned and notable root, and though thou didst blossom from a City famed for her great imperial dignity, yet didst thou scorn all things as corruptible and fleeting, striving to be joined to Christ thy Master for ever. Entreat Him, O Alexios most wise, fervently for our Souls.

Kontakion: As we celebrate today with fitting reverence the all-Holy festival of Saint Alexios the all-blest, with hymns we praise him and cry aloud: Rejoice, thou gladsome adornment of Venerable men.




Below are two Icons of Saint Alexis and Saint Mary of Egypt.


Below are Icons of Saint Alexis and Saint John the Hut-Dweller