Saint Alban, the First British Martyr

Feast Day: June 22nd

The Life of Saint Alban: After having the Saint beaten and tortured, the magistrate threatened him with execution. Saint Alban rejoiced and Glorified God…



Troparion: With faith, piety and devotion let us hasten to the Sacred Shrine of the Wondrous Martyr Alban, the first in Britain to shed his blood for Christ the Lord, for Whom he willingly laid down his life; and let us Pray that through his supplications our Souls may find mercy and Salvation.

Kontakion: Imbued with courage and bravery from on high, the Glorious Martyr Alban stood undaunted before the tyrant and boldly confessed Christ as the only God of all; and he utterly refused to offer sacrifice to false deities. Wherefore, having laid down his life for the Lord, he maketh earnest entreaty in behalf of our Souls.

Ikos: Heeding well the words of the Saviour to His disciples, thou didst not fear him who could slay thy body, for he was unable to kill thy Soul. For this cause, what was taught thee in the darkness by the Christian Priest, whose life thou didst save, thou didst proclaim in the light; and what thine ear took in of his pure teaching, thou didst declare openly before the tribunal. Wherefore, having laid down thy life for the Lord, thou makest earnest entreaty in behalf of our Souls.

Saint Alban came to believe in Christ when he let a Priest take refuge in his home, and he watched the constant Prayer and Vigil of this Priest. Divine Grace touched him and he began to imitate this Priest.


Saint Alban was then Baptised and tortured to return to paganism, however he said “I am also a Christian, and I worship the True God.”


Saint Alban was then beheaded, after bringing many people to Christ through his Prayers, perseverance in tortures and Martyrdom.