Prophet David the King & Psalmist

Feast Days:

-Sunday of the Holy Forefathers of Christ (Sunday between 11th-17th of December)

-Sunday before the Nativity (Sunday between 18th – 24th of December)

-Sunday after the Nativity of Christ

The Life of David the Psalmist: The Book of Psalms of Holy King David serves as an inexhaustible treasury of the best examples of Prayers, supplications, petitions, thanksgiving to God, the healing consolations for suffering Souls, for those living in poverty, for those consumed with passions, and for the down-trodden. As a God-inspired Prophet, the Holy King David in his Psalms proclaimed many clear and strong Prophecies about Jesus Christ…



Troparion: O Joseph, proclaim the wonders to David, the ancestor of God: you have seen a Virgin great with child; you gave Glory with the shepherds; you worshipped with the Magi; you received an answer from the Angel. Beseech Christ God to save our Souls.

Kontakion: Today the godly David is filled with gladness and Joseph offers praise with James. Having received the crown of their kinship with Christ, they rejoice, praising in song Him Who is inexpressibly born on Earth, crying out: “O Compassionate One, save those who honour You!”