Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me. Most Holy Theotokos save us.
Every single Prayer is heard.
Speak to them from your Heart.
Stay strong in your Faith and your Prayer Life.
I have my Prayer Rope in my hand, and I say the Prayers that I know.
We use all our physical senses in Worshipping God.
Great is the Name of the Holy Trinity, Most Holy Theotokos protect us.
We help carry each others burdens, and bring them before the Feet of Christ.
Sign yourself with the Sign of the Precious Cross. Glory be to You, O Lord!
Father, forgive me.
We are united with Him both Physically and Spiritually.
Just by doing the Sign of the Cross we feel Grace immediately come within us.
We are greeting her the way that the Archangel greeted her.
In our prayers, I want us to remember all those who are suffering.
There are some Prayers that are very important to learn.
To truly say amongst all the difficulties, Thank You Lord!
Shine on us Your Brilliant Light.
May the Grace of the Holy Trinity be with us.
Where sin abounds, the Grace of God abounds even more than that!
A Christian person should be first and foremost a person who Prays.