Prayers For Mothers and Newborn Babies

We want Christ to bless and be a part of every moment of our life. Our Church has specific Prayers around the birth of a child and its early days, and also for a mother who has experienced the miscarriage of her child.

FIRST DAY BLESSING : On the day of the birth of a child

The prayer on the day of the birth of a child is read at the hospital or at the home. This blessing consists of prayers for the recovery, protection and well-being of the mother and the new-born baby.

EIGHT DAY BLESSING : The giving of a name to the child

The prayer on the eighth day is when the baby receives his/her name just as our Lord received His name Jesus on the eighth day (Luke 2:21). This prayer is read in the narthex (entrance) of the Church, where the baby is brought by either the father or the grandmother, since the mother may not enter the Church for forty days.

FORTY DAY BLESSING : Prayers for a mother and her child

In accordance with Old Testament tradition, which was observed by the Virgin Mary (Luke 2:22-24), forty days after birth, the mother comes together with her child to the Church for the very first time.

In the past it was believed that the mother and baby were prohibited to leave the house within the first forty days because it would bring bad luck. This is purely a superstition. This period should be used as physical rest, recuperation and bonding with your child.

The Forty Day Blessing, also known as the Churching of Mother and Child, consists of prayers for the physical and spiritual strengthening of both the mother and child.

Both mother and child present themselves to the Priest in the narthex of the Church where these prayers are offered. The child is then carried by the Priest into the nave and up to the altar. The mother proceeds to the Iconostasis to venerate the Icon of the Virgin Mary, where she will be presented with her child. At that church, the child becomes a member of the church.

Prayers and Blessing after a miscarriage

In the event of a miscarriage, the mother should come to the Church forty days after, where the Priest will read a prayer for her recovery, protection and well-being, along with the prescribed Forty Day Blessing.

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