Prayer in the Time of Trouble

Oh God, You are my Rock and my Salvation,
To You I cling during this dark hour of tribulation.
Hold my hand tightly, for I lack even that little
Strength I need to hold on to Your Hand.
Have mercy on me, Lord, and deliver me
From the trouble that besets me.
I acknowledge that I deserve any
Chastisement that comes to me,
For I know I have sinned, O Lord.
Do not deal with me according to my sins,
But according to Your bountiful mercy.
For I am the work of Your Hands.
You know my weakness.
You remember that I am but dust.
Grant me strength to endure my
Tribulation with complete trust in You.

As You came to Peter and the other Disciples
Late one stormy night on the sea of Galilee to
Quell the storm and restore calm,
Quell the storm that rages in my soul.
Take away all fear and anxiety.
Fill me with Your peace.
Grant that this trial may bring Me closer to You.
For You are my strength, my hope and my joy.
Blessed is Your Name always,
Father Son and Holy Spirit.