The Holy Sacraments and Prayers

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“This is what happens at every single Sacrament, everything which is performed in the Name of the Holy Trinity, for our own Sanctification, comes through the hands of those who are called in Apostolic Succession, beginning from the Apostles up until now… The Priest calls and takes what God is giving him at that moment, and gives to the ones who are present in that Sacrament and participating in it, and he is filling not only their Bodies with Earthly nourishment, but their Souls with Divine nourishment… Through Prayer we unite ourselves with Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ… We feel Grace immediately come within us… Give me your sins and I will give you My Mercy. Give me your pain and I will give you My Love and Comfort. This is what Christ tells us.”

Text: The Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom


Prayer: Preparation for Holy Communion

Akathist Hymn: Preparation for Holy Communion

Prayer: Thanksgiving After Holy Communion


About: The Holy Eucharist

Quotes: The Holy Eucharist

Text: The Service of Holy Baptism


About: Holy Baptism and Chrismation

A write-up about: The Role of a Godparent and The Creed

Quotes: Holy Baptism

Text: The Service of Holy Matrimony


Prayer: for a Husband and Wife


About: Holy Matrimony

Quotes: Marriage

About: Holy Orders

Text: The Service of Holy Unction


Prayer: for another during an illness

Prayer: for oneself during an illness

Akathist Hymn: Physician of our Souls and Bodies

Akathist Hymn: Physician of Souls

Akathist Hymn: Sustainer of Life

Akathist Hymn: Light to Those in Darkness

Akathist Hymn: Our Lady of Kazan, Healer of Eye Diseases


About: Holy Unction

Quotes: Strength in Christ during difficulties

Prayer: for Forgiveness

Akathist Hymn: Repentance in Christ

Prayer: to overcome one’s enemies


About: Holy Confession

Quotes: Repentance

Prayers for Mothers and Newborn Babies

Hospital and Home Visits


Holy Water Blessing

The Service of the Small Blessing of the Waters: This Service is Prayed in Church at the beginning of each Month, and also at any time for a Blessing throughout the year. The Holy Water is to be drank by the faithful each morning and any time for a Blessing.

The Service of the Great Blessing of the Waters: This Service is Prayed on the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord in the Jordan, and the Holy Water from the Great Blessing is to be kept at home for the rare occasion when the faithful cannot receive Holy Communion, and when one is very ill.

Text: The Funeral Service

Text: Memorial Service


Prayer: for the Departed

Akathist Hymn: for the Reposed


About: Funeral Service and Memorial

A write-up about: Remembering our Departed loved ones through Prayers and Memorials

Quotes: O death, where is thy sting?

Book of Prayers


Before a Journey

In Time of Trouble

A Prayer by Saint Paisios the Athonite


Prayers for Our Children

Prayer: to Our Most Holy Mother of God for Children

Akathist Hymn: Caring for Children

Akathist Hymn: Our Most Holy Mother of God The Nurturer of Children

The Lord’s Prayer 

The Jesus Prayer

The Nicene Creed

Into Your Hands Lord


Akathist Hymns to Our Lord Jesus Christ

Our Sweetest Lord Jesus Christ

Thanksgiving – Glory to God for All Things

Gratitude to God

Gratitude to Jesus Christ

Asking God for a Pure Heart

Asking God for Faith

Trust in God

Discipleship in Christ

Lover of Mankind

The Good Shepherd

Upon Whom we cast our cares

Intercessory Prayer

On Forgiveness Sunday


Akathist: to the Life-Giving Cross of Christ

Canon: of the Most Holy, Precious and Life-Giving Cross

Akathist: to the Divine Passion of Christ

Akathist: to the Life-Bearing Tomb of Christ

The Small Paraklesis

The Great Paraklesis

A Prayer to the Mother of God


Akathist Hymns to Our Most Holy Mother of God

The Akathist Hymn

The Joy of All Who Sorrow

The Inexhaustible Cup

The Holy Protection

The Softener of Evil Hearts

Our Lady the Merciful

Blessed among Women

Our Lady of Kazan

The Twelve Icons of the Mother of God

The Life-Giving Spring (Excerpt)

to Our Beloved Saints