The Holy Sacraments and Prayers

If you would like to organise a booking for a Holy Sacrament or Prayers, or if you have any queries, please feel free to contact us at , 9367 2860.



“This is what happens at every single Sacrament, everything which is performed in the Name of the Holy Trinity, for our own Sanctification, comes through the hands of those who are called in Apostolic Succession, beginning from the Apostles up until now… The Priest calls and takes what God is giving him at that moment, and gives to the ones who are present in that Sacrament and participating in it, and he is filling not only their Bodies with Earthly nourishment, but their Souls with Divine nourishment… Through Prayer we unite ourselves with Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ… We feel Grace immediately come within us… Give me your sins and I will give you My Mercy. Give me your pain and I will give you My Love and Comfort. This is what Christ tells us.”

Let us lift up our hearts…

“The Church is an endless source of Miracles. It takes water and makes it Holy Water; it takes bread and wine and makes the Holy Eucharist; it takes man made of dirt and makes him a god! But many people do not see the Miracles.” – Saint Paisios the Athonite