On the Mountain in Galilee, let us join the Disciples.
With Hymns of Praise let us extol in heartfelt jubilance Father Nektarios !
Your diligence corresponded to your name Paraskevi, which denotes preparedness.
Let us honour and magnify in hymns the Theotokos and Mother of the Light.
For now there is Dionysios!
Arsenios inspired by God, endowed with the Grace of Miracles you swiftly send aid to all.
I will give thanks to You, O Lord, with my whole heart.
It is fitting to sing a Hymn to You O God.
He appointed you to to lead His flock, which you guided to the Divine Will, O Father John.
Establish your servants who extol you, O Mother of God.
Ascetic Iakovos you seemed like an Angel in Saint David’s Monastery.
Fortify us by your Supplications and shelter us beneath the wings of your Spiritual Glory.
O Chief Commander Michael, God has appointed you to be first among all the Angels.
Come people, let us sing hymns on the festive day in honour of Barbara the Victorious!
Let them know how the Faith of the Orthodox has Power.
They who are Victorious are herefrom Exalted.
For, as God, He is Risen from the Sepulchre.
Noble Andrew crying out “We have found the One so longed for.”
Amazed was the Universe, O Maiden, by your most august entry.
You took flight on the wings of Faith Father Savvas.
Glory to Your Resurrection O Christ!
The radiance of your life O Nicholas is indeed brighter than any gold.
You have given us the miracles of Your Holy Martyrs as an impregnable fortress.
All Holy Queen and Lady, we beseech you to entreat our Redeemer born of you.
Dogma shines like lightning and Christ’s Church is glowing.