Saint Arsenios the Wonderworker of Cappadocia

Feast Day: November 10th

The Life of Saint Arsenios: Many Christians and Turks had been healed, after taking soil from the doorstep to his Cell and mixing it with some water and drinking it, believing that they would be healed, and their Faith they had in the Saint, worked the Miracle…



Akathist Hymn

Apolytikion: You strived to live a life truly inspired by God, you became a Holy Vessel of the Paraclete, bearer of God, Arsenios, and you were given the Grace to perform Miracles, offering to everyone your quick help, our Holy Father, we plead you, Pray to Jesus Christ our Lord to grant us His Grand Mercy.

Kontakion: Cappadocia’s new-sprung flower and precious vessel of virtues, Holy Arsenios, let me hymn. For as an angel he lived in the flesh, and now resides with all the Saints. With them, he ever Prays to Christ to grant us forgiveness of our sins.

Saint Arsenios loved God very much, and he was Miraculously saved by Saint George the Great Martyr when he was a young child. As he got older, Saint Arsenios became a Priest-Monk and Prayed for everyone.


Saint Arsenios often found himself Praying for people and situations in which there was no allocated Prayer in his Priest’s Prayer Book, so he would read a relevant Psalm in such situations. Saint Paisios the Athonite recorded this Blessing-Psalter by Saint Arsenios, and said “In Farasa and in the whole region, there was no doctor to be found, except Fr. Arsenios himself, who was a teacher and a doctor of Souls and bodies. He did not, of course, give medical prescriptions to the sick, but read an appropriate Prayer over them and they recovered.” Saint Arsenios was often approached by Muslim people, and if he was in Prayer at the time, the Muslim people would take some soil from his doorstep and this would work a Miracle for them through the Prayers of Saint Arsenios and Christ. He did not discriminate between Christians and Muslims, but welcomed and Prayed for all, loving them as his brothers and sisters in Christ.


“Father Arsenios proclaimed true Orthodoxy with his Orthodox life. He mortified his flesh in asceticism from his ardent love of God, and modified Souls with the Grace of God. He believed deeply and healed many, believers and non-believers. Few words, many Miracles. He experienced much and hid much. Within his hard outer shell, he concealed his sweet, Spiritual fruit. A very harsh father to himself, but also a very loving Father to his children. He never beat them with the law.… As minister of the Most High, he did not tread the Earth, and as co-administrant of the Sacraments he shone upon the world.” – Saint Paisios


Saint Arsenios Baptised baby Saint Paisios, and gave him his own name Arsenios, to bestow on him a Blessing to walk in his footsteps as a Monk. Saint Paisios and Saint Arsenios always remained close…

Saint Arsenios said to the parents of Saint Paisios: “You want to leave a child at the grandfather’s foot, don’t I want to leave a Monk at my foot?”


We are Blessed to have a portion of the Holy Relics of Saint Arsenios at our Church of Saint Paraskevi in St Albans.