Our Saints

Saint Paraskevi the Great Martyr

Apolytikion Your diligence corresponded to your name, Paraskevi, which denotes preparedness. Through faith you inherited the promised dwelling that was prepared for you, O prize-winning Martyr. Therefore you pour out cures and healings, and you intercede on behalf of our souls.

Saint Barbara the Great Martyr

Apolytikion Let us honour the All-Virtuous Saint Barbara, for she broke the snares of the enemy and she escaped from them like a bird, with the Cross as her Help and Shield.

Saint John the Merciful

Apolytikion Thy riches and wealth didst thou disperse unto the poor; thou now hast received the Heavens' riches in return. For this cause, O all-wise John, we all honour thee with our songs of praise as we keep thy memorial, O namesake of almsgiving and of mercy.